AFP Kansas legislative scorecards released

The Kansas Chapter of Americans for Prosperity has released its legislative scorecards for the 2010 session of the Kansas Legislature. These scorecards rank members of the Kansas House and Senate by the way they voted on selected legislation and amendments.

AFP’s scorecards use a different mix of votes than my Kansas Economic Freedom Index, although judging by just a quick glance, the results appear to be similar. Between the two tools Kansans should be able to get a good picture of where their representatives rank in terms of voting for issues of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and economic freedom.

Past issues of AFP scorecards are available at Kansas legislative scorecards, rankings. Also see Kansas Economic Freedom Index.

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  • Pitiful. As expected Schodorf got an even worse score than last year. Out of 100% she got a meager 25%.

    Last year she at least got 33%!

    She is a RINO people!!!

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