Kansas first district

In Kansas, some campaigns for Congress face charges of hypocrisy

A guest editorial by Sue C. I have been active in the Kansas Tea Party Movement since March of 2009. The basic tenants of it are attractive to me. The emphasis on freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and love of the Constitution is inspiring. The tea party movement is supposed to be "a new politics" -- one of honesty, integrity, and a return to traditional values. Unfortunately I have been observing a disquieting hypocrisy in the movement of late, especially in campaigns that said they were going to run clean, honest races. Many are acting like the same Washington politicians they…
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Pompeo, Huelskamp given nod by Club For Growth

Kansas Republican congressional hopefuls Mike Pompeo (fourth district) and Tim Huelskamp (first district) have been endorsed by the Club For Growth PAC. Club For Growth is a conservative organization that advocates for a pro-growth tax policy: "The goal of tax policy should be to raise the amount of money needed to fund legitimate functions of government while doing the least amount of damage to the economy and respecting the principle of treating taxpayers equally." It also argues for cutting federal spending, expanding trade freedom, personal retirement accounts to replace social security, and choice in education through expanded charter school and…
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