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  • Real Development’s troubles should be red flag for Wichita

    Recent new stories that a prominent Wichita office building developed and owned by Real Development suffers from severe problems should cause the City of Wichita to halt any new partnerships being considered with the company, and to seek to remove itself from agreements that exist.

  • Wichita proposed tax increment financing district subject of news

    Today’s Wichita Eagle carries two news stories regarding the proposed expansion of a downtown Wichita tax increment financing (TIF) district. The front-page story Condo vote key to downtown Wichita growth and the additional story Owners report mixed views of developers provided background on the vote the Wichita City Council may make at Tuesday’s 9:00 am…

  • Will the real robber barons please stand up?

    At the April 13th meeting of the Wichita City Council a request from downtown developer Real Development will be made for an additional $2.2 million taxpayer subsidy for its condo project Exchange Place, located at Douglas and Market. With two weeks to go before this public hearing there is still time for council members to…

  • Wichita Exchange Place TIF should be rejected

    Tomorrow’s meeting of the Wichita city council will feature a public hearing as to whether a tax increment financing district that benefits Real Development should be modified.

  • Wichita mayor speaks on economic development

    At last week’s Wichita City Council meeting, Mayor Carl Brewer spoke in favor of the city’s economic development policy, specifically as it related to a downtown Wichita development partly financed with tax increment financing, or TIF.

  • Wichita Center City TIF Missed Linkage Between “Unrelated” Developers

    A missed linkage between developers involved in a Wichita tax increment financing (TIF) project means progress should be stopped until all facts are known. In July, 2007, the City of Wichita considered a development plan (the Center City South Redevelopment District) for a tax increment financing (TIF) district in downtown Wichita. The beneficiary of the…

  • Taxpayer-funded development in Wichita opposed

    After the formal presentation I personally complemented the Minnesota Guys and thanked them for what they were doing downtown. They assured me that their redevelopment work in our downtown would be completed without government incentives, and I assured them that they would have my support as long as they stayed out of the public treasury.

  • More Subsidy for Downtown Wichita Developers

    Today’s Wichita Eagle reports that Wichita’s “Minnesota Guys,” formally known as Real Development, are seeking yet another subsidy as they work in downtown Wichita. The article in the Eagle is HUD loan sought for downtown Wichita apartment plan. In this case, the subsidy sought is a loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Housing and…

  • On Wichita’s Exchange Place TIF, Janet Miller speaks

    Last week’s meeting of the Wichita City Council featured a message from Council Member Janet Miller that illustrated her firm belief in centralized government planning for the purposes of economic development. It also contained a material mistake in the understanding of the facts of the project.