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A voice for individual liberty, limited government, and free markets in Wichita and Kansas.

Bob Weeks
From Bob Weeks:
I started the Voice for Liberty in Wichita in October 2004 in response to what I felt was a misunderstanding of the important issues in the November 2004 elections, especially involving the proposed downtown Wichita arena. I came to realize that the most important issues are these: How much government do we want, at the expense of how much personal liberty, and what is the proper role of government and individual? I saw very little discussion of these important issues, and most importantly, very little media coverage.

So I started this website to explore and report on issues of government, media, and individual liberty in Wichita, Sedgwick County, the State of Kansas, and, to a lesser degree, the United States.

Bob Weeks
Email bob.weeks@gmail.com
Wichita, Kansas

About Bob Weeks

Bob Weeks lives in Wichita, Kansas, where he’s worked for many years as a software engineer and in other information technology jobs. He is a graduate of Kansas University with a degree in business, and of Friends University with a degree in information systems.

In 2004 he started blogging and became active in community and public affairs. He writes the “Voice For Liberty” at WichitaLiberty.org, which focuses on Wichita and Kansas issues from the perspective of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets.

After being downsized out of his Fortune 500 job in 2008, Bob decided to work on his own, which gives him more time to spend on blogging and community activism.

Besides researching and writing for Voice for Liberty, Bob helps work on political campaigns, fills in as guest host on talk radio shows, serves as panelist on public affairs television programs, and hosts his weekly television program WichitaLiberty.TV.


64 responses to “About Voice for Liberty in Wichita”

  1. jwink

    Keep up the good work Bob. I try to read your blog often.

  2. jwink

    I wish you would get an occasional call-in TV show on Wichita’s channel 5 (non-cable) TV along with R.J. Dickens (Tuesday evening at 6 PM) and
    James Barfield (Wednesday evening at 6 PM), both of whom do such a great job.

  3. Hey just discovered your site, I’m trying to do a similar site in PA. Keep up the good work.

  4. Clyde

    I question if individual liberty and government are actually mutually exclusive as your purpose statement would imply. And look where free markets have gotten us now. There are certainly improvements that could be made to the way our governing bodies work, but do you really think the solution is to leave everything to the market? Can you say Maddoff? What if we were entrusting our schools to someone like that? What about our healthcare, roads and so forth? I don’t believe you have really thought through this whole thing very well sir.

  5. John

    Clyde, very few people–and I doubt that Bob Weeks is one of them–think that there is NO role for government. Maddoff’s crimes say nothing about whether we should have a very large government, a very small government, or somewhere in-between. He would have gotten nailed for fraud even under any situation dreamed of by an advocate of small government.

    Further, it’s not entirely fair to say “look where the free market has gotten us now.” Health care? Half of it is spent by the government, and all of it is significantly regulated by government.

    The financial sector? Go back to Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac, and both were quasi-governmental institutions with an implicit backing of taxpayers (which has unfortunately become explicit).

    At some base level, yes, there needs to be government. I’d rather live in the U.S., even as it plunges into another abysmal experimentation with government intrusion into the economy, than in, oh, Russia or some third-world country embroiled in a civil war (that is, without a government).

    So liberty does need government–to enforce contracts, to keep the peace, to protect us against outsides, and perform a few other functions. But “how much” government? We’ve passed the desirable amount … a long time ago.

  6. Emily

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by the Young Republicans meeting last night. It was really interesting to hear about the opportunites and resourses. :)

  7. The CPUSA strongly supports a democratic party victory. Among the points in the party,s immediate program are the peaceful transition to socialism, a minimum wage for all workers,universal health care,increased taxes on the rich and corporations,strong financial regulations,increased federal aid to cities and states, campaign finance reform.

  8. Does any of my above comments sound familiar? We are on our way to a socialist country.

  9. James Shelton

    Before you racist, fascists get too reactionary, I am a service disabled Vietnam veteran. I served my country, I own my home and pay my bills. What is wrong with you? Most of you sound like illiterate KKK. I voted for Barack Obama. Your web site is filled with a lack of objective information. I am disgusted with people like the collective “you”.

  10. Alderson

    James, so because you are a Vietnam veteran, we should all yield to your opinion on the direction of our country ? Interesting, because I was in favor of electing a Vietnam vet over Obama.

  11. lenny

    Democrat or Republican, Your roads lead WE THE PEOPLE to the same destination. Obama is right about one thing, “change”. Well WE THE PEOPLE NEED A CHANGE alright from the way our leaders have performed for the past 20 years. It certainly has ate away at the middleclass, regardless which party was leading. WE THE PEOPLE must organize to reinstate and protect the US CONSTITUTION, stop the degradation of our culture and values. Judgeing character and not by class or race but as Americans. It will take more than money to compete against the greedy elitist system we are under. DO YOU REALLY WANT A “CHANGE”? OKAY, THEN. Get ideas together.

  12. Mike Shaw

    James Shelton,
    Sorry to hear of your disabling head injury. Thank you for your service to our country. Sorry the people on this website are KKK members. I just found the site today and hadn’t picked up on that.
    To me they sound like people who don’t want to live on a plantation run by heavy handed communists. BO’s family is from KS. His grandfather and mother were both communists, so I doubt he fell too far from that tree. To me they sound like people with talent who love freedom and don’t want to see their grandchildren pay for a communists’ mistakes in government.

  13. I thought it was pretty cool that there is a Kansas-based liberty website. Until I read these comments. I should have known better.

    When will you all realize that there is NO government that can let you be free.

  14. Joe Williams

    I thought this would be a great site on Kansas Liberty and Libertarian views, but have been disappointed.

    Don’t get me wrong, some of it is thoughtful and interesting, but Bob Weeks and his crowd is hardly Libertarian. They tend to have more Authoritarian Right-wing views, rather than Liberty, Freedom and good governance of Libertarian views.

    A very mis-guided bunch indeed. Jerry Winkleman, Darrell Leffew and the rest of the Authoritarian Republicans trying to say they side with Libertarian and Liberty, but would love to take reigns of political power for their own misguided deeds. These are people you don’t want running our government. These are people you cannot trust.

    I’m very disappointed that Bob Weeks hangs out with these people. That places Mr. Bob in the ranks of non-credible kooks whose interest are not inline with Liberty and Freedom.

  15. Kim

    I’m curious, Joe Williams, what views on this site are you calling “Authoritarian Right-wing”?

    Other than some mild opposition to Obama and the obvious goals of this administration, I don’t see anything that sounds like that.

    “good governance of Libertairan views”? Are thought Libertarians were opposed to governance of most things, especially “views”. What are you going on about?

  16. Joe Williams

    Kim, It’s not Bob Weeks himself. I believe he is a true to heart Libertarian and a great guy. A huge asset to Wichita.

    Although I disagree with him on the downtown arena and TIF districts, all in all, I agree with him all the way.

    It is the people that he may hang around with that I know aren’t good people. Although I do not know the extent of his friendship he has with these individuals, but if I were Bob Weeks, I would just keep an eye open on them. They are not defenders or supporters of limited government, liberty and freedom.

  17. Alexandria

    As a Black-skinned American woman in Wichita, KS who did NOT vote for this Obamanation, I am wondering where this Boston Tea Party will be. I heard there was one in Wichita. However if ignorant fools will be there I will not and I am referring to racists who wont own dogs with purple lips. It takes a lot to offend me, however that comment was sickening and crude. Anyway I am a Christian first and I must say that Bobs views aren’t right wing, they are conservative which views my family and I share. Race has no place in any of the issues our country faces right now, we need to put that ignorance aside and figure out what is best for Americans

  18. Dennis Hedke

    Following up on a question about the potential for the Williston Basin Bakken Shale play, and its potential for materially contributing to the United States energy supply, I provide the following:
    North Dakota Bakken incremental production during 2008: 55,000 barrels oil per day; Montana Bakken production duing 2008: 74,000 barrels oil per day; the two combined: 129,000 barrels oil per day. Total United States daily crude oil production ~8,000,000 barrels oil per day.
    Total daily US consumption of crude oil: ~21,000,000 barrels oil per day, yiellding daily imports of about 13,000,000 barrels oil per day.

    Hence, the current contribution from Bakken formation represents about 1.6% of total U.S. daily production, and just under 1% of daily imports.

    I wish them (the producers) all the luck in the world, but I hope the people understand how truly difficult it is to materially impact our dependence on foreign oil. This play has been under intense development for no less than 5 years, and these wells are very expensive to complete successfully. Although the resource is certainly there, the extraction risks are very, very high.

    The United States consumes about 7.65 Billion barrels oil per year, and the Williston Bakken play has so far ramped up to yield about 47 Million barels oil per year (.6% of total consumption).

    In my opinion, our greatest opportunity to mitigate the near term impact due to foreign imports will be to open up our continental shelves, and the North Slope of Alaska.

    I want to emphasize mitigate, due to the the reality of the natural decline rate that is currently being experienced by the entire US crude oil production system, about 6% per year.

    This is not a joke, and is not a fear tactic.

  19. Showalter

    Good job, I wish there was one of you in West Virginia.-Charles

  20. Anonymous

    I just changed e-mail providers,so glad to get signed back up to your newsletter;appreciate all your work to get news out to Wichitans. I stopped the Wichita Eagle, liberal reporting,editorials,etc. sure didn’t do anything to truthfully inform the public.The 100% positive “reporting”on Obama and his socialist agenda decided me; putting a positive spin on ‘cap and trade’when it can do nothing but destroy our economy!!!!
    God Bless You for informing the folks!!!!

  21. Wendy told me about your website and that you are working on a radio station project?? Could you tell me more about that? I have a background in communications & media.

    I see that you love cats! I have several right now… some are needing homes. If you know of anyone that could take in a cat or a kitten, please let me know.

    Katie Kat

  22. Radio? Can I help you? Web? I’d be honored to help you there too… -Eric Henderson, Advantage Partners LLC Realty. I also own a web hosting comapny and provide some free space to you as needed.

  23. ICT USN Vet

    Weeks needs to get a real job and stop meddling in politics for the sake of seeing his name in print. Apparently, this narcissist did not get the memo – politics is not the place for a known racist, hater of veterans, or childless yet self-appointed child education ‘expert’. Referring to himself as a ‘politician’ does not make him one, and our city would be grateful if this clown would find a soundproof cubicle with a time clock to help manage his obvious idle schedule.

  24. ja

    How “green” is this “All American City”? The new airport terminal is coming down the pike. Some people still WANT a new library. Will it be truly “green”? This “All American City” should be seeking L.E.E.D. certification. Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design. This city likes to be “me too” in things like water walks, lofts, and “brownstones”. The city should show some real benficial “me too” and seek L.E.E.D. certification as some truly progressive, environmentally friendly cities have.

  25. Helen

    I must compliment you on your beautiful pictures of Wichita posted on your site.

    They are quite good!

  26. jsmith

    email: from OBAMA TEAM COMING TO Kansas
    It’s Obama doing Community Organizing in Kansas
    (remember the ACORN cry!)

    I’m John Jevitts, and I’m excited to be the new Kansas State Director for Organizing for America. I want to invite you to join us as we host a Listening Tour across Kansas starting next week.

    On the Listening Tour, OFA staff will update you on our plans and get your input on how we’ll organize Kansas going forward. Whether you’re already working to make change a reality, or if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get involved, this is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and find out how to get active with OFA in your community.

    Will you make your voice heard and join us on the Listening Tour?

    Right now, we’re working to fix our deeply broken health care system that has denied many Americans the care they need for far too long. We’re closer than we’ve been in generations to achieving real reform — but to be successful enacting all of the bold changes we fought for in last year’s election, we need to hear from you. Your effort and commitment are the backbone of this movement and this organization.

    As we work to pass real health insurance reform, reinvest in our schools, and jump-start a new green economy, we need to make sure your voices stay at the center of the debate. We’ve never had a better opportunity to shape our future — and just like during the election, we’ll do it from the bottom up.

    Sign up now to attend a Listening Tour stop:


    I look forward to seeing you,

  27. Gilda Barton

    This message is for Bob Weeks: I would like to speak with you, regarding a county level governmental/political issue. If you would, please, email me a telephone number, I will contact you. Thank You

  28. It’s “CHEAP” , WE’LL TAKE IT.

    Say no to the Oklahoma road chat planned for Kansas. They say it will be encapsulated in asphalt. Look at any asphalt steet in Kansas. With our weather, asphalt smolders in the heat and heaves and cracks in the cold. The previously “encapsulated” heavy metals are easily exposed and can be washed into tributaries by rain and snow. The resultant dust by dry conditions and road wear can be blown onto fields. Other states don’t want it because of toxicity. Say NO Kansas citizens and “lawmakers”. It may be “cheap” now, but beware of possibly great health risks down the road. Pun intended.

  29. Radical_Centrist

    First, the guy gets fired from a big corporation because they can hire a programmer in Bhutan for 10 cents a day and a bowl of rice.

    Now that he has no gainful employement, he gives free PR to the glories of unregulated corporatism.

    Makes one think of Harry Truman’s quote: How many times do you have to get hit over the head before you see who’s hitting you?

  30. Steve

    Question regarding USD 259. With all of the discussions about budget cuts, program cuts, etc.. I have not seen one word about either freezing or reducing teacher salaries. Has that been discussed and based on the current budget and accompanying shortfall how much reduction in teacher salary (or salary increase perhaps?) is required to balance the budget?

    Love the site, keep up the great work.

    Steve Dunne

  31. Anonymous

    Do your homework. Salaries were frozen for this school year and the next. No increase in steps, no increase in tracking, no quality of life increase. NONE – 2 years.

  32. Anonymous

    This site is a joke. Wish I hadn’t stumbled upon it.


  33. Bob,
    Beginning tomorrow I will be a new Libertarian voice for Reno County and District 101. I will be running versus Joe Seiwert, who’s done a decent job, but we need to kick Reno County to the next level and make Kansas play fair.

  34. Reality Chick

    You are missing the point. The corruption of government is largely the result of capitalism run amok. Politicians are beholding to their largest contributors. Lobbyists are writing laws to protect corporate interests and often to restrain competition. Weakened government will quickly be replaced by total corporate control and Americans will truly learn the meaning of coercion. Much of the political “division” in the country is being bankrolled by corporate entities and others whose careers are promoted by fueling controversy. You’re being played. It’s time to wake up.

  35. Livid

    “Repubs weren’t let, they didn’t get a chance to, they coulda if the Dems woulda. . .! Bull!” With Republicans in the White House, illegally or legally, and/or Republican majorities in Congress and the Senate, where was: Broad-based job creation or focus on this, Infrastructure, Energy Grid, Green Economy Education, Reforms in Immigration/Public Education/Health Care, Regulatory Checks & Balances, Sustainable New Economy, Diplomacy, Justice, etc., etc., and the National Security interests inherent and intertwined with all of these!!! Instead of a continuing “Drill baby drill (still?)” mentality pawing the ground in readiness to stormtroop into yet another nation for its energy resources?????!!!!!!!!

    First part of 2009, the real Chair of the Repubs, Rush Limbaugh ordered its ranks to the failure of President Obama and his administration; and they’ve been arrow-straight to that mission. Big Elephant butt will squash and squander this Nation flat into oblivion!
    We’re among the multitude that has no use for the Repubs and their allies “on a high horse”. They who evidence so reliably having no conscience cannot be serious posturing as the moral ones in yet more trauma and drama prompted by them.

  36. Anonymous Mike

    Hiya Livid

    I’m pretty sure that most Conservatives are not particularly happy about how the Bush administration turned out. We’d like to get the Federal Gov. back under the Constitution where it belongs. The best way for the government to produce jobs is to get out of the way.

    Oddly enough, Clinton’s administration was a model for good government simply because with a Republican congress, he couldn’t enact Hilary’s agenda. Since “not much happened”, business flourished.


    Wichita KS

  37. I am just getting acquainted with your website and I like it. Where do you find time to forward all of the very interesting articles and sources of information. Looks like you try to present both sides of an issue and welcome different views. Too bad our legacy news outlets forgot about that.
    I will keep watching. In the meantime we offier our agenda, non-partisian and non-social. FairTaxKC. Current activity is to bring knowledgeable and concerned people together for a Prosperity Summit on Friday, Nov 12th at the Topeka Performing Arts Center (TPAC). Detailed info is available at http://www.fairtaxks.org/ Best regards, Earl Long

  38. Steven

    In response to Reality Chick above, if there was no all powerful government with the power to control and regulate everything in the economy, then there would be no reason for super large corporations to try and take over government for their own gain. As you allow centralized government to gain power, it becomes a target for those who need that power to crush their competitors. The two have to work together in order to grow out of control.

    Your idea of Capitalism run amok is just not an entirely accurate reflection of the situtation. If you were to obtain an better understanding of true free markets and a small powerless government, and what that means to true freedom and liberty, then you would see that the current situation is caused more by a large powerful government than with businesses exploiting an opportunity to their advantage. Remove the power of government (and the FED) to interfere with the market place and you’d see all those mega-corps (like the monster banking instutes), which are currently held aloft by government, fall apart and be replaced with many smaller and more competitive, and customer focused, companies. Or allow government more power to control everything and become a slave to a massive corporatist state (corporatocracy ).

  39. This is a good report on the Sedgwick County Republican reorganizational meeting. However, in your article, you mention the winning group, “Republicans for Conservative Leadership”. It would be nice if the public were informed as to who that group actually is. Prior to the meeting last evening, I had never heard of that group before!
    The name “Republicans for Conservative Leadership”, sounds as good as apple pie, but who is funding it? I see eleven names on the bottom of one sheet, but that is, for the most part, meaningless. Who is the leader? When does it meet? …if it does? What is its history? I believe that the name is just a convenient euphemism for the Renegade-KRA.
    As President of the official Kansas Republican Assembly, or KRA, I am pleased and thankful that they did not use the KRA name on their printed material as they have from 2004 thru 2008.
    In any case, only when one is aware of the recent history (2004-2010) of the Renegade-KRA, is it plain to see why they do not mix – and do not WANT to mix – with the TEA Party Republicans. I think that perhaps your readers would like to know!

  40. Anonymous

    No offense to Middle America, but if someone went to Columbia or Wharton, [even if] their company is a fumbling, mismanaged bank, why should they all of a sudden be paid the same as the guy down the block who delivers restaurant supplies for Sysco out of a huge, shiny truck?” e-mails an irate Citigroup executive to a colleague.

    “I’m not giving to charity this year!” one hedge-fund analyst shouts into the phone, when I ask about Obama’s planned tax increases. “When people ask me for money, I tell them, ‘If you want me to give you money, send a letter to my senator asking for my taxes to be lowered.’ I feel so much less generous right now. If I have to adopt twenty poor families, I want a thank-you note and an update on their lives. At least Sally Struthers gives you an update.”

    It is difficult to sympathize with these people, their comments laced with snobbery and petulance. But you can understand their shock: Their world has been turned on its head. After years of enjoying favorable tax rates, they are facing an administration that wants to redistribute their wealth. Their industry is being reordered—no one knows what Wall Street will look like in a few years. They are anxious, and their anxiety is making them mad.

    Their anger takes many forms: There is rage at Obama for pushing to raise taxes (“The government wants me to be a slave!” says one hedge-fund analyst); rage at the masses who don’t understand that Wall Street’s high salaries fund New York’s budget (“We’re *****,” says a former Lehman equities analyst, referring to the city); rage at the people who don’t “get” that Wall Street enables much of the rest of the economy to function (“JPMorgan and all these guys should go on strike—see what happens to the country without Wall Street,” says another hedge-funder).

    “The market determines what people are worth. Did I think I was overpaid? You betcha. But a lot of people are overpaid.”

  41. Anonymous

    As I read over this page and the comments, I see another group of people totally and completely fooled. Supporting the “right-left” partisian game will get you nowhere as is evident from history and the situation we currently find ourselves in. Time is running out. One only needs to look up into the formerly blue skies and see the chemtrails poisioning the land and us too. (please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA ) This is happening right NOW. Both parties are doing NOTHING to stop it! It is time to wake up and realize that most of the persons from BOTH political parties have but one main goal and that is supporting corporate/globalist/bankster agendas!
    As long as they can keep you all distracted fighting back and forth over liberal/conservative views/issues, they will be advancing their own agendas without any real resistance. Unless we all work together as americans regardless of race, religion, creed or whatever, they will succeed. Vote ALL republicans and democrats out of office! Vote for Independant candidates with no hidden agendas/corporate interest’s! Unless this happens you are all wasting your time and we are all going to suffer the loss of American Sovereignty and god knows what other future horrors! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  42. DC

    Thank you Bob Weeks for your website.

    For the past two years I have been studying the writings of Murray Rothbard. The more I dig into his philosophy and compare it to what we know about history, the more I appreciate his extraordianary intellectual capacity. Everyone should read everything written by Murray Rothbard.

    A contemporary intellectual giant who brings more insight than I will ever have is John F. Welsh. He recently published a new book on Max Stirner. His previous book, After Multiculturalism, The Politics of Race and the Dialectics of Liberty is like a breath of fresh air.

    Mr. Weeks, I hope you keep up your good work.

  43. Anonymous

    “Downsized out of his fortune 500 job in 2008” If I remember right, the market crash of 2008 happened as a result of Bush’s free market assault on the middle class. Deregulation, de-funding of social programs, tax cuts for the wealthy, and a hefty debt left over from an unjustified war, a debt which my generation will end up having to pay off. Our government is bad because of the close relationships our politicians have with big business. Capitalism is not necessarily bad when it is properly regulated by a government, and government is not necessarily bad when it is kept in check by its citizens.

  44. Anonymous

    Bob, I love to read your articles. I feel about the same as you on many of writes. We the people need to step up and show others we love this nation, and stop the growth of government.

  45. Dudley Morris

    I would like to join the Tea Party.

    What is the process?

    Dudley Morris
    Wichita, KS

  46. Copperhead Road

    Way to try to directly connect so many marginally unrelated things – “If I remember right, the market crash of 2008 happened as a result of Bush’s free market assault on the middle class. Deregulation, de-funding of social programs, tax cuts for the wealthy, and a hefty debt left over from an unjustified war, a debt which my generation will end up having to pay off.”
    You remind me of that annoying parent at basketball games who yells at his kid, but has no idea how to play basketball himself.

    The 2008 crash happened in big part because of the fed’s implicit guarantee on housing loans. Watch the Keynes vs. Hayek rap videos,

    Then watch IOUSA, and notice how much entitlement programs actually cost.
    Finally, look at the numbers, and notice the percentage of taxes the rich already pay.

  47. Kansas Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement

    Please go to the above website and sign the Petition. It will be presented in the next legislative session.

  48. canucanoe2

    After I first started reading this site I thought I was reading a Fox News website. If I wanted “Unfair and Unbalanced” views I’ll go to Fox. This site leans so far to the right I fear (hope) it will tip over.

  49. greg

    Bob, Very interesting article in the national review—wouldn’t be surprised if this is where wichita is headed next (maybe I missed it and they are already there)We are in big trouble if obama gets in again…
    keep up the good work, Bob

  50. Angry Rose Hill Resident

    Please come out to Rose Hill and see what is happening since the city implimented the NRP! Sad times in Rose Hill. Our next city council meeting is next Monday!

  51. sohila zadran

    I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content to suit your needs? I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome website!

  52. gringoloco

    Gee Bob. You have enough time and money to write this blog, promote other right wing websites/organizations and push your agenda on multiple other public forums. Of course, when you participate you “forget” to mention that you do so to make a living. Makes me wonder. Who is paying you Bob?

  53. self employed

    I am a newcomer to your site, but I find it refreshing, sincere, and very informative. Thank you for helping us all be more educated about our community.

  54. SUBJECT: Government arrogance and destructive agendas:
    A fair and balanced review would no doubt show that, for many years and through numerous administrations, the agendas and priorities of our federal government have too often been irresponsibly out-of-step with our nation’s best interests. If this were not so, it is unlikely that today we would have, for example: a National Debt rapidly approaching $18 trillion (over $153,000 per taxpayer); over 46 million food stamp recipients; about 9 million “officially” unemployed; some 46 living in poverty; a disappearing middle-class; only 117 million income taxpayers within a population of 319 million; skyrocketing health care costs; a Veteran’s Administration/Internal Revenue Service/etc., still plagued with inefficiency and abuse of power; unsecured U.S. borders; uncontrolled immigration; our U.S. English language being diluted and compromised by a foreign language; our U.S. Culture threatened by political correctness gone berserk; the growing reality of foreign/domestic terrorism; and our foreign policy in an ongoing state of chaos; etc. Common sense and our recent mid-term election results dictate that issues such these should (and must) be “the” top priority of our government. But, there is little to no clear evidence and confidence that such is or soon will be the case.
    In a very troubling atmosphere of seemingly endless Presidential arrogance, disregard of the will-of-the-people, and unproductive blame-game rhetoric by all parties, “amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants” appears to be a top priority agenda item. A matter of such urgency that—according to the President—it must be dealt with prior to this year’s end. A presidential agenda that puts “amnesty for illegal behavior” ahead of policies that “encourage law-abiding conduct” and “address our country’s countless other needs,” not only defies common sense, but also is an unsettling indicator of questionable motives and irresponsible leadership.
    So far—the strong wake-up call from our recent mid-term elections to “change course” seems to have escaped the President and others with unyielding ideological/special interest agendas in conflict with the peoples’ will. As a result, our political leaders’ phones and social media websites should already be overwhelmed with citizen feedback of the strongest dissent. Especially from our younger generations who will, all too soon, assume the income tax burdens and other liberty destroying outcomes from irresponsible and out-of-touch government agendas.
    But, for now, it is unlikely there will be much social media and news worthy outcry and outrage about anything, until: someone is offended through inattention to political correctness; another objectionable sports team name is noted; or the next opportunity to (through ignorance or otherwise) support an effort to paint us as a nation of racists, bigots, and of too many privileged persons having little regard for the less fortunate; etc.
    A still very relevant warning was expressed through the following words from President Reagan years ago: “To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last—but eat you he will.”
    Originated and Posted by “LibertyGuardianUSA” at http://threats-to-our-liberty-and-survival.blogspot.com

  55. Max Olmstead

    Research Art DeGroat and his role at Kansas State University.
    Another example of wasted taxpayer money on university campuses. His title is Director of Military Affairs but has no real responsibilities; he’s a chia boy for the President and VP Bosco. Worth taking a close look at.

  56. Anonymous

    I think my message was prematurely posted…

    I was about to say I hate he cops back home. They always have their hand on their gun, very rude. Here in Wichita they are polite and say hello.

    Everyone here is polite.

  57. Earl

    I will not be voting in the upcoming 4 district congressional election. Ron Estes has used, what I believe, state funds to promote himself on television advertising involving education savings plans. Seems this has occurred with previous candidates for public office and is unfair to other candidates running for the same position. It’s also a questionable use of state funds, in my humble opinion As a registered Republican, I do not approve of tax dollars being spent this way in order to get elected.

  58. Terrence J Downing

    I was just using you and the conservative mentality as proof for my argument that an education and success doesn’t always mean intelligence. “And that degrees doesn’t necessarily constitute intelligence.” Some people perceive that those who don’t hold degrees are somehow less smarter than their educated counterparts. On the whole, and I don’t want to bore you with statistics. Numbers show over and over that most of the people on the left tend to be more educated, or more “well rounded”. Wichita is lucky to have you advocate for it. After all, it is well behind most of the country in just about everything. Its great minds like yours that keep this place respectively in the 1800’s.

  59. Karmen Giroux

    Pete meitzner destroyed our neighborhood on Trig st. by saying most of our houses were abandoned! Well guess what crooked Pete meitzner I’m still mowing my abandoned yard and parking in my abandoned drive. Meitzner overturned our residential covenant so mike brand could build something industrial across our one lane gravel road. Other than getting his crooked pockets lined, the city gets more property tax on those industrial zoned businesses compared to residential. I have close to 100 pictures and videos to prove it and also a video of city council vote that most of our houses on trig st were abandoned. But Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.. keep Pete Meitzner out of all offices!!

  60. david clark

    Bob—-just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do on all the shows in their various forms. After frequently watching WL TV, I am a lot more tuned in on Kansas politics. I also use KPI to augment your material. I read the CJ online, and just giggle over most of their analyses. I don’t imagine you make a bunch of money off it, but I do believe you are doing us hayseed citizens out here a real favor. God bless!

  61. Bill Dillon

    in the 1940 I remember sales tax in K.C. was figured in mills, do you know what the rate was? (10 mills = a penny)

  62. George Washington

    Just stumbled on this site. Remnant checking in.

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