Initiative and referendum

Oklahoma tinkers with petition law; Kansas has none

Sometimes we in Kansas like to poke fun at our neighbors to the south in Oklahoma. I'm sure they do the same to us. But one way in which Oklahoma has Kansas beat is in Oklahoma citizens' ability to petition their government through the process of initiative and referendum. It's not possible to do this in Kansas, at least for our state government. And Oklahomans have to be vigilant to make sure the right to petition isn't taken away from them. It's a continual effort. Paul Jacob, president of the Citizens in Charge Foundation summarizes the legislative action in Oklahoma…
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Kansas Lags in Initiative and Referendum

On Saturday I traveled to Oklahoma City to attend "Reforming the Reform Process: How to Restore Oklahoma's Initiative." What I learned is that Oklahomans are concerned with reforming a valuable citizen right that doesn't exist at all in Kansas. The initiative process allows citizens to place a question on a ballot to be voted on by the people. This is helpful when the legislature or governor refuse to pass laws that the people want. Referendum allows for laws that have been passed to be revoked. In both cases, citizens usually have to gather a large number of signatures in order…
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