Category: Investing

  • How a good column on the bad lottery fell apart

    Mr. Scholfield tells us how the lottery is not a very good bet. He references a survey that tells us how about half of us believe we have a better chance of obtaining a retirement nest egg through winning the lottery rather than by saving and investing. He then tells us that the large majority…

  • John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years

    “The one great secret of investing is that there is no secret.” “Investment success, it turns out, lies in simplicity as basic as the virtues of thrift, independence of thought, financial discipline, realistic expectations, and common sense.”

  • The Random Walk Guide to Investing

    The title of this book derives from the author’s famous book A Random Walk Down Wall Street, published in 1973. That book, and this too, refer to the theory of efficient markets. In the author’s words: “The main premise of the theory is that the stock market is an extraordinarily efficient institution for reflecting without…