Category: Taxation

  • Painlessly paying our taxes, almost

    Since tax withholding from paychecks and mortgage payments reduces our awareness of just how much tax we pay, it’s unlikely that governments will stop the withholding of taxes and submit a bill to taxpayers. Instead, it’s left to ourselves to remain aware of how much we are paying.

  • The advantage of being Warren Buffet

    The recent news that Warren Buffet is giving away the bulk of his fortune to charity is good news to me, as I greatly prefer private charity to government spending of taxes. That’s true for me even if Mr. Buffet were to use his philanthropy to support causes that I might not agree with. But…

  • Paying for tax cuts

    Commentary surrounding two recent tax cuts reveals the backwards thinking about taxes that is common.

  • Increase our awareness of taxes

    As the annual tax deadline is upon us, we should take a moment to examine our level of awareness of the taxes we pay.

  • Separation of Sport and State

    I recently discovered that all over the country there are taxes being directed to Sports teams and Arenas. So, I created a site Please visit, and contribute by emailing the administrator.

  • Tax increment financing in Iowa

    Readers of The Voice For Liberty in Wichita are well aware that I believe that when the government provides subsidies to businesses — either in the form of cash payments or preferential tax treatment — we create a corrosive business environment. Government picks winners and losers for political reasons, rather than letting the market decide…

  • Tax reform and simplification

    Our tax system has a bias against saving and investment. That slows capital formation and wage growth.

  • TABOR Criticism Analysis

    From the introduction to an analysis by the Tax Foundation: The state of Colorado is under assault. Opponents of Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) are waging a well coordinated but misleading attack on Colorado’s reputation. This attack takes the form of a number of rankings and statistics that purport to show that the Taxpayer…

  • Affording Tax Cuts, or Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

    The logic of paygo for taxes is backward, in that it starts from the assumption that all tax revenue is Washington’s in the first place and thus any tax cuts must be “offset” so Congress can be made whole. But of course the money belongs to the taxpayers who earned it, and the burden ought…