Tag: Government spending

  • Federal spending on autopilot

    Together Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the debt presently consume about 48 percent of federal spending. But if nothing changes, these programs will grow to consume 90 percent of federal spending by 2084.

  • Kansas’ Huelskamp leads in the House

    U.S. Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas speaks on out-of-control federal spending and the deficit.

  • Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Wednesday March 2, 2011

    Today: Duplication in federal programs found; bureaucrats can’t change the way we drive … but they keep trying; Wednesdays in Wiedemann tonight; Americans for Prosperity website attacked; Kansas presidential primary pitched as economic development; Huelskamp joins Tea Party Caucus; how government works.

  • Charles G. Koch: Why Koch Industries is speaking out

    In today’s Wall Street Journal, Charles G. Koch, who is chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, writes that economic freedom — not government spending and intervention — leads to prosperity and economic well-being for all, even for our poorest citizens.

  • Public workers and their pay

    In the controversy over public sector unions and worker pay, the political left argues that government workers are not overpaid. Evidence from California, however, shows that when everything is considered, public sector employees are paid much more than similar private sector workers.

  • Kansas government arts supporters: some numbers

    In the debate over Kansas government funding of the arts and the elimination of the Kansas Arts Commission, a few things stand out. First, when government-funded arts supporters say that loss of funding will result in the loss of events or institutions, this assumes that nothing changes. It assumes that arts organizations can’t — or…

  • Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday February 14, 2011

    Today: KRA guide to elected officials; Wichita Eagle voter guide; campaign signs; Rasmussen polls; organ recital; funny campaign stuff; Wichita teachers union contract; what public sector union leaders think; city council candidates to meet; politicians’ Top 10 Promises Gone Wrong.

  • AFP Kansas legislative agenda

    Americans for Prosperity, Kansas has released a legislative agenda focused on controlling the growth of state spending and placing the state’s budget on a fiscally sound footing.

  • Arts funding in Kansas

    Kansas would be better off without government-funded art for two reasons: economic and artistic.