John Allison

Wichita school chief makes plea to Wichita-area legislators

This afternoon, Wichita school superintendent John Allison appeared before the South-central Kansas legislative delegation, explaining Kansas school finance as it applies to the Wichita school district, and offering justification for deciding to join the lawsuit demanding the state spend more on schools. Referring to base state aid per pupil, which has been cut several times in the past year for a total of 9.5 percent (depending on who's doing the arithmetic), Allison said that base aid is the funding with which the district funds regular education, and the represents funds with which the district has the greatest latitude. Other funds…
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Kansas open records examined

Here's another outstanding investigative report by Paul Soutar of the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy. I have experienced some of the same obstacles that Soutar has encountered. Last year Wichita school district board member Lynn Rogers told me that record requests are a burden. Interim superintendent Martin Libhart's attitude was similarly hostile towards legitimate citizen requests for records. Indications are that new board president Barb Fuller and new superintendent John Allison have a better attitude towards records requests, and I hope that time proves this to be the case. The spirit is willing but the law is weak Paul…
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Challenges for Wichita’s new school superintendent

Recently John Allison, new superintendent for USD 259, the Wichita public school district, was interviewed by the Wichita Eagle. The article reporting on the interview is at Great time to be superintendent. In the interview, Allison mentioned "painful" budget cuts. The cuts that K through 12 education is facing in Kansas, however, are minor compared to what many other state agencies are facing. We should also remember that many school districts have plenty of money, so much so that, as I've reported, spending advocates will challenge anyone who mentions just how much there is to spend. Allison mentioned teaming with…
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