Kansas Open Records Act

Wichita public schools: Open records requests are a burden

Listen to an audio broadcast of this article here. I recently learned that USD 259 (the Wichita, Kansas public school district) considers it a burden when citizens make requests for records. At least that's what Lynn Rogers, vice-president of the board of USD 259, told me at a May 12, 2008 meeting when I was invited to express concerns regarding my opposition to the proposed 2008 bond issue. I suspect the other board members and administration officials agree with him. As a government institution, the Wichita public school district is subject to the Kansas Open Records Act, which requires it…
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Open records in Kansas

Recently I was recruited to participate in the Sunshine Blogger Project. Its purpose is to “find out whether America's governors properly archive the e-mail that comes into and goes out of their offices, and are able to provide copies of those e-mails when members of the public request them.” I believe that open records and meetings are important, both to news media and citizens, so I agreed to take part in the project. On February 7, 2008 I mailed (by postal mail) my request for the records of interest, which are emails sent and received by the office of Kansas…
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