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  • Rep. Steve Brunk on Kansas taxes and spending

    Speaking to the Wichita Pachyderm Club on Friday, Kansas Representative Steve Brunk addressed taxation and spending in Kansas government. Brunk said “We need more taxpayers, not more and higher taxes.” In evaluating legislation, he said he asks these questions: Does this help the state of Kansas bring companies to the state, and does it offer…

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    Electric cars, Obama and education reform, Kansas online records, Proposition K.

  • More support for Proposition K in Kansas

    About the only people who don’t like Proposition K are people dependent on government for their revenues. Here, a press release from the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy tells of two organizations who have endorsed Proposition K. There may be some who note that these two organizations, being involved in the real estate business,…

  • Proposition K hearing spotlights differences

    At Wednesday’s hearing before the Kansas House of Representatives Taxation Committee, different ideas about property taxation became clear. The subject of the hearing was Proposition K, a proposal to reform property tax appraisals in Kansas. On this day, proponents of Proposition K testified.

  • 5 Questions: Proposition K

    The Shawnee Dispatch reports on an informational meeting in Johnson County. The article is 5 Questions: Proposition K. There’s also a poll to express your support (or not) or Proposition K.

  • Proposition K opponents sometimes misinformed

    In public debate, sometimes people don’t let facts or reason get in the way of arguments they want to press. This is the case in some of the comments left to a Wichita Eagle article about Proposition K, an effort to reform property tax appraisals in Kansas.

  • Proposition K op-ed confuses issue

    Today’s Wichita Eagle contains an op-ed by Glenn W. Fisher, regents professor emeritus at Wichita State University and property tax expert (Con: Tax plan would shift burden, be arbitrary, February 8, 2009 Wichita Eagle). The subject of this piece is Proposition K, an effort to reform the property tax appraisal system in Kansas. Proposition K…

  • Proposition K Website Now Open

    Proposition K is a measure designed to reform property tax appraisals in Kansas. There’s now a website with supporting information. The site allows readers to leave comments, and some comment writers make good points. The link to the website is Proposition K.

  • Proposition K is a Constitutionally Valid Reform Option for Kansas

    Some opponents of Proposition K, an effort to reform property tax appraisals in Kansas, are questioning whether this measure would conform to the Kansas Constitution. The following news release from the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy introduces a study that answers this question. New Study Shows that a Constitutional Amendment is Not Required (WICHITA)…