War on drugs

Medical marijuana testimony presented in Kansas House committee

This week the Kansas House of Representatives Health and Human Services Committee held an informational hearing on HB 2610. This bill would legalize the use of medical marijuana for certain debilitating medical conditions. Representative Gail Finney, a Democrat who represents parts of east Wichita, introduced the bill. An informational hearing means that the committee would take no action on the bill, so there would be no vote taken and no possibility that the bill would advance out of the committee to be considered by the entire House. There were two bills on the committee's agenda before the marijuana measure. After…
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Solution to drug problem to be presented in Wichita

Illegal drug use and the accompanying war on drugs is a huge human problem in the United States. It's time, according to some, for a radical rethinking of this situation. A group of current and former warriors from the frontlines of the war on drugs has such a perspective, and their solution is not what you might expect. Jack A. Cole, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), makes a compelling case for the legalization of drugs as the way to end the war on drugs. It's not because he favors drug use, but because he wants to end…
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