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AIG hysteria tramples liberty

From Dave Trabert, president of the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy. The Founding Fathers, who took such deliberate care to preserve personal liberty in our Constitution, would be ashamed by the hysteria and pandering that have consumed Washington, D.C., over bonuses paid to employees of American International Group. There is no justification for rewarding people for failure, but the conduct of elected officials calling for legislative retribution is far more egregious. Members of both parties are tripping over one another in a rush to endorse legislation that would tax bonuses paid to employees of companies receiving bailout money at…
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Taxes in Kansas at an All-Time High

Taxes in Kansas at an All-Time High By Dr. Barry Poulson At no other time in the state’s history have state and local governments imposed such a heavy tax burden on Kansas residents. This year, state and local taxes will capture 11.2 percent of the state’s income. The graduated income tax contributes to this all time high by creating a boom of revenue and spending during prosperous economic times. In periods of rapid growth, income tax revenue increases faster than income. Excited by these new funds, legislators increase state spending with new or expanded programs to match. With this boom…
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High tax Kansas exposed again

High Tax Kansas Exposed Again By Karl Peterjohn, Executive Director, Kansas Taxpayers Network Businesses and homeowners know that Kansas has high taxes. The appointed and occasionally elected officials setting this state's fiscal policy are often contemptuous of the fiscal burden being imposed upon Kansans but this is a reality that should not continue to be ignored. USA Today reported July 28 that Kansans pay the 14th highest level of per capita property taxes among all 50 states. This was 2004 Census Department data. The high property tax in Kansas means that Kansans pay well above the U.S. average property tax…
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