From the New Symposium Society: Capitalism and Socialism


The New Symposium Society held a public forum on the topic “Capitalism and Socialism” on the campus of Friends University on August 20, 2019. Audio from the event is below.

One participant remarked that the forum provided a format that led to a “remarkable exercise in polite public discussion that is unusual in these hyper-politically charged times.”

Another participant commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with truly diversified, intelligent, polite participants.”

A special thank you is in order to New Symposium trustee Bob Love for his masterful job of acting as the informal “catalyst” in facilitating the meeting discussion. He artfully interjected nuanced intelligently designed dialogue from time-to-time to gently stimulate audience commentary and stay ahead of the discussion on both the capitalism and socialism sides of the discussion forum.

It was a “wow” meeting and we thank everyone who attended and participated in this successful forum!

We also thank Friends University for granting us the opportunity to host these informative meetings on their university campus!

John Todd, one of several trustees for the New Symposium Society

P.S. I would be remiss by not mentioning and thanking our trustee mentor Mike Witherspoon for his work in organizing the New Symposium Society forum presentations over the last five years or so all designed to create the opportunity for “civil discourse in the pursuit of truth.”


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  1. Thomas G Fruge

    Socialist Idea. Is the idea or was suppose to be the idea, that the people were incharge of their lives, their future, their society. It was the idea that the society was built on, the unselfish act of people organizing, people helping one another, working together, caring for one another, the people are in charge of the means of production and distribution, are to be responsible for their own future, the society they lived in, to help one another, to produce and provide for the needs of all the people as a whole. Our icentive should be to better our way of life, for everyone. To protect our own Freedom and rights, to live freely, from those that would seek to control it. The Tyrants ,the Dictators that are often capitalist, no matter if the society they rule in is either capitalist, socialist or communist. Capitalist idea is the opposite of the Socialist idea. It exploits our needs and wants and our hardships, for their own personnal interest and gains. It is run by individuals seeking power. By taking away our freedom to live freely on this planet, by seeking control over lands and its resources. Denying free access,to others, by making scarce free access to lands and resources, and making others pay them, for it. The monetary system creates a dependency on money to pay for what was once free, and available to everyone. And is now control by Private Corporate leaders from countries around the world. It brings out the worst in mankind, fueling their greed and selfishness and lust for power. Which they have us, fight and go to war for. Telling us we are fighting for our freedom and rights. another lie. Because if we were fighting for our own freedom and rights we’d be fighting against those that are denying it to us in our own country. Telling us with their corporate take over chant that Freedom isn’t free. For the very definition of Freedom is: to be free from restraint, which money and capitalism is a restraint on our freedom to livwe freely.

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