Category: Health care

  • Health care video fails to make case for universal, “socialized” medicine

    A video that’s getting some viewers on Youtube (235,000 as of this moment) serves as an illustration of how wrong the left is in its prescription for health care reform.

  • Government institutions not role model for health care

    One of the arguments used to promote more government involvement in the provision of health care is this: government already provides so many services, and government does it so well, that we ought to turn over medicine to it too.

  • Some without health insurance are eligible

    Last week we looked at U.S. Census data regarding the number of people in America without health insurance, and we saw that a large number of people are eligible for various free insurance programs, but haven’t applied. The number may be as high as 14 million. Today’s Wichita Eagle has a story that may illustrate…

  • Uninsured count needs explanation

    One of the problems in the health care debate today is lack of facts — at least facts that all sides of the debate can agree on. Without such agreement, without a basic set of facts and data to reason from, we’re not likely to make any progress. One example of a fact often used…

  • Swiss system could be best of the big-government reform alternatives

    At a recent forum on health care in Wichita, the system of health care in Switzerland was mentioned as a system that we could learn from.

  • Health care talk gives alternative to big-government reform

    At a recent forum sponsored by the South Central Kansas 9.12 Group, Dr. George Watson of Park City, Kansas laid out a conservative case for health care reform. His messages was different than that of most reformers: instead of more government involvement, we need less government. “Yes, we need change,” he said. He also said…

  • Not all health care administrative costs are wasteful

    One of the issues discussed in the health care debate today is the allegedly wasteful administrative and overhead costs of private health insurance, compared to — again allegedly — efficient government processes. The article Comparing Public and Private Health Insurance: Would A Single-Payer System Save Enough to Cover the Uninsured? makes some useful points.

  • What type of turf is a lie?

    The Lone Star Times reports how, at a town hall meeting in Texas, an Obama supporter claimed to be a physician when asking a question. But she isn’t: Obama camp plants fake doc, Che fan at Jackson Lee forum. I wonder if this happened at the same Sheila Jackson Lee town hall where the Member…

  • The real right to medical care versus socialized medicine

    In 1994, George Reisman wrote a pamphlet explaining the problems with America’s health care system. He criticized the Clinton plan for reform, and offered an alternative based on freedom and markets rather than government interventionism. It is a brilliant work, and still relevant today: “I wrote this essay to help defeat the Clinton plan for…