Category: Health care

  • Failure of one program doesn’t justify forming another

    The blogger at the KRA got it just right in the post Liberal-socialists ignore government failure in insuring children.

  • In Winfield, citizens don’t agree with their opinion leaders

    On Wednesday the Winfield Daily Courier printed an editorial titled ‘Tea party’ bunch is going to extreme. While criticizing a move made by some Kansas legislators, it uses loaded language like “in full Glenn Beck mode,” “they look silly,” “appealing to prejudice rather than reason,” and “should just laugh at the ‘tea party’ jesters.”

  • Physician to speak on health care reform in Wichita

    The Wichita Pachyderm Club at the Petroleum Club of Wichita presents Dr. George Watson, D.O. The topic will be “We Need Change in Health Care, and the Correct Diagnosis!”

  • In health care debate, can we trust the president?

    In the health care debate, President Obama pleads with Americans to get the facts straight before making up their minds. But that’s easier said than done, and by his actions, I wonder if the president really believes this.

  • Fact-checking the president on health insurance

    Advocates for more government control over health care, including President Obama, cite cases where people have been abused by private health insurance companies. We ought to be sure that these cases are real, and we need to be aware of the scope of the problem, before we assign weight to these arguments.

  • Health care reform threatens anesthesiology, patients

    While doctors aren’t the only source of information we should use when considering health care reform, they are on the front lines of providing care, and so their insights are valuable. Recently, Ronald Dworkin contributed An Anesthesiologist’s Take on Health-Care Reform to the Wall Street Journal. He makes some good observations on doctors in general,…

  • Health Czar, interrupted

    The Sam Adams Alliance presents another humorous look at health care reform in American. The first, Health rations and you, was very popular on YouTube. Now: “After months of Americans happily sacrificing for the Health Administration Bureau, Health Czar O’Brien holds his first press conference, ready to answer the tough questions.”

  • Death goes to Washington

    Wichita activist Wendy Aylworth has taken her cause, Morticians for National Health Care to Washington. This group, a tongue-in-cheek preview of the future Wendy believes we face under ObamaCare, seeks to inject a little humor and satire into the debate over health care reform.

  • President Obama’s health care speech

    Speaking to a joint session of Congress and the American people, President Barack Obama laid out his latest vision for health care reform.