In Winfield, citizens don’t agree with their opinion leaders


On Wednesday the Winfield Daily Courier printed an editorial titled ‘Tea party’ bunch is going to extreme.

While criticizing a move made by some Kansas legislators, it uses loaded language like “in full Glenn Beck mode,” “they look silly,” “appealing to prejudice rather than reason,” and “should just laugh at the ‘tea party’ jesters.”

The anonymous author of this piece — probably Dave Seaton, identified in the newspaper’s website as “responsible for the Courier’s editorial content” — seems to be more than a bit out of touch with readers, at least those who have left comments to the editorial.

One comment writer left this: “Kansas is among the states that want it the least. The vote in the last Presidential election showed that a majority didn’t want it or it’s author! We didn’t believe the author’s ‘Kansas Values’ ad then and certainly don’t now!”

Another wrote: “You seem very quick to decry the ‘tea party’ people and Glenn Beck as the demon. You’ve yet to enumerate any inaccuracy held and posed by them, though. … Could that be because you’ve openly embraced and adopted the Saul D. Alinsky tactic of smear and defame those you cannot overcome with clear logic and fact?”

One, identifying himself as the Ayn Rand character John Galt, wrote: “Someone at the Winfield People’s Courier both needs a little fresh air, and reminds me why I generally have done well to avoid the bien pensant opinion of most printed newspapers these days.”

(bien-pensant: right-minded, one who holds orthodox views. I had to look that up.)

It seems like many people in Winfield don’t care for the editorial stance of their newspaper. I understand why.


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  1. Dale

    The health insurance companies have brought this on themselves:

    1) Pre-existing conditions: You’re covered for everything that’s not wrong with you. Everything that’s wrong with you — not covered. Now pay your premium (which will soon go up!).

    2) Compare: Rate of inflation vs. rate of health insurance premium increases. Notice any discrepancy?

    3) Lost your job? Sorry, unemployed bums shouldn’t get sick, but if they do, they’ll just have to deal with it.

    Health insurance companies don’t have to do business this way, but they have chosen to for decades. They’ve had a lifetime to make the changes that are now about to be forced on them.

    When the private sector can and will solve a problem, government should step back. When it won’t, government must step forward.

    I’ve never seen so many people defend a third-rate, third-world-quality system. (And yes, “third world” is accurate. Compare our health care and mortality rates to any other industrialized nation. )

  2. Pat

    Dave Seaton is the publisher and editor of the Winfield and Ark City papers and is a staunch Democrat. His editorials are always shaded to the left and not just a little left either.

  3. Benjamin

    Another rag called a “newspaper” that I should wipe my ass or light the fireplace with.

  4. bettysue petty

    Thanks,Benjamin,for a good laugh; the newspaper available in Wichita,the Eagle,is another paper with liberal bias.Did not renew my subscription (after being a subscriber for 7 years) liberal editorials and liberal columnists like Leonard Pitts disgusted me.

  5. bettysue petty

    The whole 1990 pages of the DEATHCARE bill can be downloaded from the Grassfire site.we need to read this awful attempt to take over 1/5 to 1/6 of our economy,and most of our personal life,and our finances.BTW,health insurance profits are 35th on the top 50 list,their profits are way down.
    I bitterly resent MY money paying for murdering innocent babies,and paying for illegals ( criminals) healthcare!

  6. wichitator

    In the winter of 1993-4 I attended a small businessmen’s meeting in Topeka. Then Sen. Nancy Kassebaum called into this meeting to hear Kansans comment about the Hillary-care health plans being debated at that time. Dave Seaton, who was regularly appearing on KPTS’ programming attended this health care meeting.

    Kassebaum polled this group and asked which plan were favored by the ~150 people who were present. When it came to the single-payer, canadian style socialist plan only a couple of people raised their hands to support it. Dave Seaton was one of those supporting a full government takeover of healthcare 15 years ago. What is now sad is that Seaton’s firm has taken over the Arkansas City paper and it is now operating like his Winfield paper. Thank goodness for talk radio and Fox News for national coverage for Cowley County residents. I haven’t a clue what they can do for detailed local news coming from their socialist newspaper owner.

  7. Carol

    It is to bad that some one else can’t come up with another paper so we can read the truth, and have a second opinion. but it takes money. I hope all the papers go under. Mrs. Carol Becker.

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