Here’s how to maybe solve global warming


One of the problems in the global warming debate is that the warmists advocate a solution that’s very painful: moving away from fossil fuels. Alternatives are not mentioned or considered.

A reason for this is that the war on fossil fuels is a thinly disguised war on capitalism and human economic freedom. That’s a big reason why environmental extremists don’t want to consider other solutions. If they can save the earth and kill capitalism and humanity at the same time, this false crisis has surely not been wasted.

If the earth is warming (it hasn’t recently), and if the warming is caused by human activity (there’s not persuasive evidence of that), it’s a problem that can be fixed over a long time horizon. During that time, technology may appear could easily and inexpensively fix the problem.

Bret Stephen’s recent Wall Street Journal column highlights such a possible solution. Its cost, he says, is that of a “single F-22 fighter jet.”

The details of this possible solution don’t really matter here. Here’s what does, according to Stephens: “… seemingly insurmountable problems often have cheap and simple solutions. Hence world hunger was largely conquered not by a massive effort at population control, but by the development of new and sturdier strains of wheat and rice. Hence infection and mortality rates in hospitals declined dramatically as doctors began to appreciate the need to wash their hands. Hence, too, it may well be that global warming is best tackled with a variety of cheap fixes …”

This approach, however, won’t sit well with those who want to control our lives. And that’s what Al Gore is really all about.


3 responses to “Here’s how to maybe solve global warming”

  1. Diane

    Wow where are you meeting these warmists? whose only aim is to sway us away from fossil fuels, but at the same time take control of our lives. I grew up on a farm! You won’t meet a real farmer who isn’t about taking care of the planet, because you have to take care of the land to have it produce.

    Many of us environmentalists are looking at the FACT that we are hostage to countries that do not like us for feeding the fossil fuel appetite. I know we’ve got reserves, but do you always spend your last dollar before looking for more money. And then again all of the big oil companies are such good citizens. Who is in control of our lives now?

    There are many possible renewable, cheaper, and cleaner solutions. It goes back to an old saying about not fouling your own nest.

  2. Benjamin

    Record lows all over the country. I’m still waiting on that global warming……….

  3. Lisa

    Global warming isn’t even real. If anything, we are going into an ice age. The temperatures have been so cool, they have broken records, this past year or two. I can’t believe people still buy into this farse. Al Gore did it all to make money. The name of the game is money and control, no matter how you look at it. Do your research and find out the truth…and do it before the Cap & Trade (Tax) bill is passed, and the UN Treaty is signed. You don’t have much time.

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