Wichita tea party

Wichita tea party on July 4

Americans For Prosperity -- Kansas announces a tea party to be held in Wichita on Independence Day, July 4, 2009. It will be at the Sedgwick County Courthouse at 8:30 am. Click on July 4 Taxpayer Tea Party for the details.
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Future of the tea party protests

The Washington Times ponders the future of the tea party protest movement in Anti-tax crusade to storm Capitol. One promising sign: "In some areas we've noticed tea party activists are getting involved in local government in school boards [and] town councils." When I speak to groups and talk about the size of local government, people are astonished to learn that the school district is often the biggest spender. Locally, in round numbers, the budget of Sedgwick Count is $400 million, of the City of Wichita, $500 million, and of the Wichita School District, $600 million. (Except that the school district…
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Wichita Tea Party on Tax Day Flyer

Susan Estes has created a printable flyer to promote the Wichita tea party protest on tax day, April 15. Click on Wichita Tea Party Planned for Tax Day, April 15 to learn more about the event. Thanks to Susan Estes for creating the flyer, and for the great imagery. It hints of one of the themes of the protest, which is "Flush twice, it's a long way to Washington!" Click on Wichita Tea Party Tax Day Flyer to download the printable flyer. It's a pdf file.
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