Wichita tea party on July 4


Americans For Prosperity — Kansas announces a tea party to be held in Wichita on Independence Day, July 4, 2009. It will be at the Sedgwick County Courthouse at 8:30 am.

Click on July 4 Taxpayer Tea Party for the details.


5 responses to “Wichita tea party on July 4”

  1. Carol Webb

    This is not very well publicized – is this really going to fly?

  2. Ann H.

    I agree with Carol–I am not hearing any publicity about the July 4th tea parties like with the April 15th tea parties. Wichita is not even listed on teapartypartriots.org or reteaparty.com. How are people going to find out about it?

  3. Anonymous

    I plan on being in Wichita over the 4th on vacation and was hoping to attend a tea party. Not sure who is heading this deal up but you must get the word out!

  4. paul

    Can you show something other than Al Gore type windmills on this page?
    I have nothing against individuals who want to invest in such things, on their own, but part of what we are all mad at includes the government forcing cap and trade and green stuff down our throats, and the government wasting taxpayer dollars on stuff that does not work!

  5. True American

    YES YES YES!! I am so happy you tea baggers have lost any grip of a disgusting hilarious movement. FOXNEWS.COM at 11 am this morning took down all of their support links when they found out no one was showing up across the country. That’s what you get when you assume that a living punchline like Glen Beck has a shred of credibility. FYI, Beck got his start on the Rush Limbaugh radio program, and he’s the most useless american that has ever lived.

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