New Computer Setup Today


Last night I bought a new desktop computer. I’d been needing to for a while, as my current computer was about five years old. Everything was becoming slower. I run a lot of software, such as Google desktop indexing (and even another desktop indexing program, if you can figure that out), and my old computer was just overwhelmed.

Plus, last week at the State Policy Network conference I became convinced of the power of video to report and tell a story. So I bought a video camera. My old computer was way underpowered for video, so that’s part of the reason for the new PC.

So last night I started the process. You know — transferring several hundred gigabytes of data, installing programs, setting up things just the way you want. It seems like every little task I perform for the first time requires a download or some sort of configuration. Also, a few programs I rely on, like Ditto clipboard extender and PDFCreator are apparently not working with the Microsoft Vista operating system.

Plus, I just can’t get used to the new keyboard.

So blogging and other activity might be a little light today as I get things going again.


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