air subsidies


Yup…subsidies for AirTran pick a winner, and the losers. But consider the alternative. 400 dollar flights to anywhere. Do any free marketeers really prefer driving to Tulsa to fly to Austin? Wichita would shrivel up and blow away without economic development incentives. This one is not perfect. And, Delta has a gripe. But check prices ALL OVER THE COUNTRY sometime. Yes the market is changing, in a manner that offers NO benefits for the passengers they so blithely isolate in middle America. By the way, concerning Mr. Weeks’ column in the Eagle today: I admire this man a great deal but he mis-states free market forces just a wee bit when he says “when price is lowered, less is supplied.” Competition lowers prices…thus prices go down as MORE is offered. THAT is the free market at work. One has only to look at the diminishing price of internet subscriptions, computers, watches (I saw one for a quarter today). Lots and lots of availability…ever-dwindling prices. Keep this blog flying. there is much I admire about the libertarian movement…it sure beats the pants-load out of the alternatives today…conservatives who are not conservative, liberals who are just plain zany, and beholden to just about anyone…and political parties that look more and more like pigs at the trough every day.


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