Charles and David Koch, supporters of free markets and economic freedom


Economic freedom and market-based policies create the most opportunity and prosperity for everyone, including the poor and the environment, says Richard Fink, and that’s why Charles and David Koch of Wichita-based Koch Industries, Inc. support these principles and public policy organizations that work to advance them.

In the following article, Mark Tapscott of The Washington Examiner interviews Richard Fink, president of the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and an executive vice president of Koch Industries, Inc.

In the article, Tapscott explains that economic freedom and free markets are not the same as big business. Fink explains the role of the Kochs in supporting institutions that promote economic freedom and free markets. He says that the tea party is a positive development of citizens concerned about government growth and spending, and that accusations that it is an “astroturf” movement controlled by corporate sponsorship is nonsense.

What if all businessmen were as dedicated to free markets as the Kochs?

By Mark Tapscott

Among the biggest obstacles to restoring American freedom and prosperity is the fact too many corporate executives are all too happy to play footsie with government bureaucrats, usually in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

Consumers — and taxpayers — are always the biggest losers when Big Government and Big Business get in bed together.

One result is that instead of having to put consumers first, the corporations put the bureaucrats first. Prices go up, the quality of service goes down, and not infrequently corruption eventually results (See Enron and cap-and-trade, for example).

But there are honest leaders in the corporate world who go a different way. Charles and David Koch of the Wichita-based Koch Industries are among the preeminent examples of such men and women.

They’ve built one of the world’s largest private corporations based on the principles of free markets and competition.

For more than 40 years, the Kochs have also been aggressive supporters of those principles in the public policy arena, a fact that always flusters critics of economic freedom.

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11 responses to “Charles and David Koch, supporters of free markets and economic freedom”

  1. Anonymous

    Doesn’t stop them from asking for IRBs along with everyone else……..

  2. johnnybbad

    I don’t think they have ever asked for IRB’s. Even if it has happened there is not another corporation in America that has asked for less from government and given more to keep us free. You should be thankful for what they have done.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, they have and most of what you say is true, but if it’s about principle…..

  4. Dismal Scientist

    All hail the GOP loving Kochtopus! Mises and Rothbard rule as does!

  5. Lauren

    In the Greenpeace “report” about how Koch is supposedly founding the climate denial machine, Greenpeace conveniently forgot to mention the millions of dollars Koch’s foundations have given to environmental projects in Kansas, such as the Great Plains Nature Center here in Wichita, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, and Cheyenne Bottoms.

    Behind the millions of dollars the Koch family and foundations have given away, there is no conspiracy… Just a belief that companies exist to create value for society, and that when one company thrives, a community should benefit.

    Yes, these days it is hard to believe. Blessed we are to have Koch Industries headquartered in Wichita.

  6. Lauren

    I found some more details about Koch’s specific contributions at

  7. Rothbard

    Unfortunately the Kochtopus doesn’t support a free market in the most important market: money. They like the Federal Reserve monopoly and the legal tender laws.

  8. Joe the Realist

    Oh my what a lovely, feel good piece of right wing fluff.

    The reality is that these guys are some of the biggest pieces of excrement that ever lived. Pretending to be “populist businessmen” and Free Market Champions, while funding numerous efforts to subvert democracy under the guise of being “grassroots”. All the while having their tiny brained Tea party mingions due their dirty work while they scoop up the cash. The last thing this country needs is more ‘patriotic businessmen” like these turd-bags. Trickle-down economics very much resembles being peed on. But feel free to continue being an apologist if you like the warm feeling of urine running down your face.

  9. Anonymous Mike

    Hi Joe, but “All the while having their tiny brained Tea party mingions due their dirty work while they scoop up the cash. The last thing this country needs is more ‘patriotic businessmen” like these turd-bags. Trickle-down economics very much resembles being peed on. ”

    In an attempt to further engorge my tiny brain, perhaps you can explain how those with no money do whatever the opposite of Trickle down economics. Trickle down works, guys with lots of money buy things, providing jobs to those that build, deliver, and sell the things that they buy. The more $ you have, the more you can afford to let run down your leg onto my face…

    Thanks for your support.


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