Kochs and Soros, contrasted and compared


Daniel Fisher of Forbes Magazine weighs in again on mainstream media demonetization of Charles and David Koch for their support of organizations committed to economic freedom and liberty.

Here, Fisher compares and contrasts the Kochs to George Soros, the celebrated financier of many left-wing causes, and to a much greater extent than the Kochs:

“According to the most recent reports available, Soros has donated some $2 billion to his Open Society Institute, which pursues a wide variety of political initiatives around the world. Much of the money went to support pro-democracy activists and the like battling corrupt and oppressive regimes.” That sounds like a noble cause. Perhaps someday some might be used to combat the oppressive Obama regime here in America.

Here in the United States, however, Soros money flows to the same types of organizations and the same types of uses for which the political Left is vigorously attacking Charles and David Koch:

Here in the U.S., the institution has backed a profusion of community organization, “education” and get-out-the-vote groups that seem to have concentrated their activities in important swing states like Michigan and Ohio in the 2008 election year. No reports are available for 2010 but it’s a safe bet a similar amount flowed to organizations which, while not explicitly in favor of a specific candidate, support cherished causes of the Democratic Party and its financial supporters: non-judicial elections, municipal employee unions, universal healthcare.

One of the outfits that’s received a lot of Soros money over the years is the Center for American Progress, recipient of $1 million from Soros in 2008. CAP, a left-wing think tank that supports increasing government intervention and opposes economic freedom, may be of interest to those in the south-central Kansas fourth Congressional district as the former workplace of Democratic Party candidate Raj Goyle.

While Soros has made his contribution to CAP a matter of public knowledge, CAP does not disclose all its donors. CAP takes advantage of the same confidentiality provisions in the law that the political Left criticizes groups like Americans for Prosperity for using. But for some reason, we don’t see mainstream media references to this, and liberals seem blind to the parallels.

We also don’t see much reference to the way Soros earned his fortune. A hedge fund operator and speculator, Soros was actually convicted of insider trading. Yet the Left hammers on Koch Industries for providing energy that America has used to power its economic growth, and energy we will continue to need.

Soros Makes The Kochs Look Like Political Skinflints

By Daniel Fisher

Jane Mayer’s New Yorker profile of the Koch brothers paints a picture of a Wichita-based empire that stealthily reinvests its profits from oil refining and manufacturing into a constellation of vaguely menacing right-wing organizations. Leave aside the valid criticism that the Kochs have been anything but stealthy in their funding, which tends to undermine the title of the article, “Covert Operations.” Writers can always blame an editor for the headline.

What about the idea there’s something aberrational about the amount of money the Kochs are pouring into politics? According to Mayer, Charles and David Koch, personally and through foundations and political action committees, poured $250 million or so into charities, think-tanks and political campaigns between 1998 and 2008. Much of that went to groups like Lincoln Center that the average New Yorker reader could hardly consider a hotbed of constitution-in-exile, would-be McVeighs frothing at the idea of the Obama presidency.

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3 responses to “Kochs and Soros, contrasted and compared”

  1. Mike Shaw

    Soros, Cloward and Piven, Pelosi/Obama/Reid and Al Gore should all be made to repay the rest of the country and indeed the world for what they have stolen with their scams. Sadly, they will not.
    Meanwhile, we need more Capitalists that are willing to put their money where their mouth is in the way the Koch brothers do. Capitalists need to be as socially active as these Progressives have been for the last 35 years and to do honest battle on all fronts with those who wish to put an end to the USA.

  2. Ann H.

    It’s about time someone called out the hypocrisy of the Left on this issue. The Left is constantly crying about the Kochs, but they don’t care or whine one bit about lefty billionaires like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Tim Gill supporting their left-wing causes. Just one more way the Left embraces double standards.

  3. Marti17


    A big Amen to both Ann and Mike!

    I have personal experience with the Koch’s – I used to work at Koch Industries. I have nothing but admiration for them and sometimes stand in awe at how humble a man Charles Koch is – I did not have much contact with David Koch, since his office was in NYC, so on him I have no personal opinion.

    I had more interaction with Mr. Koch’s personal secretary and the other sectreaties in the executive office. They reflected the same humble spirit as their boss. It was a joy to work with them.

    Just thought (if you don’t already) you’d like to know.

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