Media only mind when donors are conservatives


Today’s Washington Times carries an editorial that points out — as others have — the bias evident in the mainstream media treatment of Charles Koch, David Koch, and Koch Industries.

The major points made in this piece are:

  • The Koch brothers are accused of “self-dealing” because they believe in free enterprise. But economic freedom generates prosperity that is good for everyone, rich and poor.
  • George Soros, the Left’s favorite and prodigious donor made his money betting on economic failure.
  • The government funds many climate scientists who push global warming alarmism.
  • The MSNBC television network, which strongly supports the Obama administration and its big-government policies, has been owned by General Electric, one of the nation’s largest government contractors.

There’s more in the article.

Conflict-of-interest bugaboo

Media only mind when donors are conservatives
By Richard W. Rahn

What is the most corrupting institution in society? Quite simply, it is government, because it controls and distributes more money to more people and institutions than any other single entity and it has the power to coerce and punish or reward that dwarfs what any private party might be capable of doing.

Now that we are in the midst of the political season, we are constantly being warned by the establishment media about the dangers of businesses donating to political candidates either directly or indirectly. In recent weeks, there have been at least two major hits in the New Yorker and New York magazine on businessmen Charles and David Koch and their roles in supporting candidates who oppose the policies of President Obama and the Democrats, as well as for supporting free-market think tanks and grass-roots organizations. Yet, at the same time, the articles note that the brothers have given far more to cultural institutions and events than they have to their political causes. Through factual errors, exaggerations and insinuations, the Koch brothers are portrayed as a great danger to the “progressives.” Ah, if only it were more true.

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