Obama attacks on Charles and Koch discussed


Today a segment of “America Live” on Fox News carried discussion of President Barack Obama’s attacks on Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, who are principals of Wichita-based Koch Industries. Laura Ingraham and Megyn Kelly participate.


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  1. sue c.

    What if George W. Bush had done this to say..Soros and his Move-On group…when he was president? It would be all over the NYT and the WaPo: “First amendment under attack!” The fact that the admin can get away with this makes us a lawless country now, IMHO.

  2. BD

    Sue, I hate to break it to you, but George Bush did do ‘it’ to everyone, he just chose to do it to the whole country. You can start with the Patriot Act and the fact that as much as you want to deny it, the current economic obstacles and the entire melt down was Bush and Republican Politics.

    So I don’t agree that the Koch’s should be singled out, and it is specious to blame energy prices on them, if not just stupid, but lets face some facts, too. There have been some pretty outrageous claims and personal–not presidential–attacks on Obama, too, and these guys didn’t use their wealth and power to decry or moderate that. The fact of the matter is that they are as much public figures as Obama and as a result of their own activism don’t necessarily get a free pass on public critique in the context of a political campaign they are very much a part. Obama didn’t give up his private citizenship and ability as a citizen to free speech himself, either, just because he became the President, and even the critical content complained about wasn’t made in the government context, nor has he pursued these gentlemen individually in that context.

    Conservatives are fond of blaming Obama for running up the deficit and engineering the bailouts, but lets be real. That was well underway before Obama took office and the initial steps were taken by Hank Paulson and none other than George Bush. Go actually look at the spending trend from 2000 to the present. While you see exponential growth in that in the last 4 years it was well underway before then and the Republicans didn’t stay home when it all was approved. They were in on it, too. And besides, you can’t burn the house down and then complain that it is the new buyer’s fault when it costs more to build it back up.

    And on the subject of attacking personal citizens I have two words for you: Richard Nixon. Can you name even one Democratic President who even came close to that–just one? (I’m imagine the more challenged will trot Clinton out, but I said one who came even close to that–Clinton presided over full employment, controlled spending and a balanced budget, so I don’t think that will make a good example, particularly when you look at history Democrats have been rather conciliatory on Republican transgressions, and Republicans have impeached on the basis of whatever happens to offend or dismay them. We’ve had two impeachment processes in the history of this country and one was because the Republicans of the time didn’t like the way Andrew Johnson removed a cabinet member and the other was at the hands of the Republicans of the present. Real constructive they are–just ask Boeing.)

  3. westie

    Rush Limbaugh mentioned the Koch Brothers spirited response to the Obama regimes attacks earlier this week. I’m glad to see someone fighting the regime’s assault on our freedoms.

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