Wichita movie theater expands product line, now selling groceries

warren-theater-brewers-best-bbq-sauce-smallPossibly seeking to take advantage of impulse purchases while patrons buy movie tickets, a Warren Theater in Wichita has started carrying a limited line of grocery items.

A reader submitted this photo, commenting: “I went to the taxpayer-subsidized Warren Theater this weekend, and who was staring back at me across the counter — none other than the smiling face of the mayor. Warren has a display set up to sell Brewer BBQ sauce and my sandwich included an (unrequested) cup of the stuff.”

The sauce in the photo is produced and marketed by Brewer’s Best, a company recently founded by Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer.

It is unknown whether Mayor Brewer plans to create other grocery products for Warren Theaters to sell.


  • Jennifer B -

    Maybe James Clendenin could sell buns at a neighboring booth!

  • Red Queen -

    This is a friggin joke..I am laughing so hard, I am crying! Wonder if Brewer has all the proper permits/licenses to sell a food product? The approval process is pretty tedious esp if he is making this at home!!!!
    Guess the FDA is too busy escorting cakes to approve a lowly mayorial product!!!!

  • It should be duly noted that the mayor is selling his product in a CIP district subsidized by the tax $s of others. Surely he should try the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel where he could charge additional tax on his faabulous sauce!!

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