Wichita movie theater expands product line, now selling groceries


warren-theater-brewers-best-bbq-sauce-smallPossibly seeking to take advantage of impulse purchases while patrons buy movie tickets, a Warren Theater in Wichita has started carrying a limited line of grocery items.

A reader submitted this photo, commenting: “I went to the taxpayer-subsidized Warren Theater this weekend, and who was staring back at me across the counter — none other than the smiling face of the mayor. Warren has a display set up to sell Brewer BBQ sauce and my sandwich included an (unrequested) cup of the stuff.”

The sauce in the photo is produced and marketed by Brewer’s Best, a company recently founded by Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer.

It is unknown whether Mayor Brewer plans to create other grocery products for Warren Theaters to sell.


7 responses to “Wichita movie theater expands product line, now selling groceries”

  1. sue c.

    No cronyism there! (heavy sarc)

  2. ted

    Absolutely crazy—–time to throw the bums out!!

  3. Jennifer B

    Maybe James Clendenin could sell buns at a neighboring booth!

  4. Red Queen

    This is a friggin joke..I am laughing so hard, I am crying! Wonder if Brewer has all the proper permits/licenses to sell a food product? The approval process is pretty tedious esp if he is making this at home!!!!
    Guess the FDA is too busy escorting cakes to approve a lowly mayorial product!!!!

  5. BK

    It should be duly noted that the mayor is selling his product in a CIP district subsidized by the tax $s of others. Surely he should try the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel where he could charge additional tax on his faabulous sauce!!

  6. We should have seen it coming when Dillon’s started selling bargain movies.

  7. […] Roffman began the discussion with the story of Mayor Carl Brewer of Wichita, Kansas who received state and federal tax subsidies to build an IMAX theater, and proceeded to set up a […]

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