Americans for Prosperity Day in Topeka, March 14, 2005

I had the pleasure of driving John Todd, Benny Boman, and Bill Davitt to Topeka for the Americans for Prosperity Day in Topeka on Monday March 14, 2005.

We started the day at the AFP office, and then drove to the Kansas Statehouse. I met with several legislators including Representatives Bonnie Huy of Wichita, Ted Powers of Mulvane, and Kenny Wilk of Lansing. I attended the Republican House caucus, and observed the House from the gallery.

We had a luncheon where I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Representative Bill McCreary of Wellington, from whom I learned much about how the Kansas House works.

After lunch we met in the House gallery where Speaker of the House Doug Mays, Majority Leader Clay Aurand, and Representative Brenda Landwehr of Wichita spoke to us. There was a press conference about AFP’s activities. I was then able to meet Senator Peggy Palmer of Augusta, who impressed me as a liberty-protecting legislator.

There was a reception at the end of the day, where I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Senator Kay O’Connor of Olathe. She is an advocate of school choice and vouchers. I learned a great deal from her.

We returned to Wichita at about 9:30 pm. Having left Wichita at 6:00 am, it was a long and tiring day. But I learned much about how our state government works.

A slide show of some photos I took is here:

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