At Least We’re Not Johnson County


Commentary from Kansas Liberty about trouble at the Kansas City Star and the miserable Johnson County Sun.

All the gas, but none of the warmth. What does the Kansas City Star have in common with the Johnson County Sun? Right! They’re both named, appropriately, after masses of incandescent gasses. Also, they hate conservatives. The Star is owned by McClatchy, whose share price is now loose change, down a nickel in late trading. One day soon, the Star will implode, its presses will stop and it will flicker on as a dim website.

The Sun, on the other hand, was never very bright. Today, it’s part of a cluster of nearly invisible local papers that orbit the black hole of publisher Steve Rose’s notorious ego, a huge sucking thing from which no light escapes. For scientific proof, here‘s a list of his favorite candidates. The theme: If it can’t be a “moderate,” please God gives us a Democrat. The number of comments on that page after three days (that would be zero) demonstrates how Rose is able to excite his readers and stir their passions.


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