Bill Light, facing conservative challenger, withdraws Kansas House bid


The Kansas Republican Assembly blog reports on the withdrawal of Kansas House of Representatives member Bill Light from consideration for re-election.

In the Kansas Economic Freedom Index for the 2010 legislative session, Light’s score was 11%, meaning that he did not vote in favor of economic freedom very often. Only five Republicans scored worse than him. He definitely qualifies as a “left-wing Republican,” to use a term coined by Kansas Liberty.

State Representative Bill Light withdrew his candidacy for re-election to the Kansas House May 12. Light was facing a strong conservative challenge in the August primary by Dan Widder of Ulysses.

In a Hutchinson News article, Light claimed that his retirement had nothing to do with his conservative challenger, even claiming that he didn’t know Widder. However, the article notes that Light filed for re-election in January and told the Hutchinson News in November that he liked to file in January before the start of a legislative session, “so that all will know my intentions.”

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2 responses to “Bill Light, facing conservative challenger, withdraws Kansas House bid”

  1. Wichitator

    I heard that Rep. Light’s votes on fiscal issues were also lousy. He won’t be missed in Topeka except among the tax ‘n spend crowd.

  2. Ann H.

    This kind of news is great to hear. Let’s vote all the bums out–or give ’em election challenges that scare them into retirement!

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