Brownback, Colyer announce in Wichita


On Tuesday, United States Senator Sam Brownback formally filed to become a candidate for the Republican party nomination to be governor of Kansas. He also introduced his running mate.

On Friday, it was speculated that Kansas Senator Jeff Colyer was Brownback’s selection to run on the ticket for lieutenant governor. Suspense was largely eliminated when a reader of Hawver’s Capital Report noted that the location scheduled in Hays for a campaign stop was Colyer’s high school.

On Tuesday morning in Overland Park, it was made official: Colyer is the nominee for lieutenant governor.

In a late Tuesday afternoon campaign stop in Wichita, Wichita City Council Member Sue Schlapp introduced Brownback to the audience. Schlapp is one of four leaders of Brownback’s statewide committee and state co-chair of the campaign.

Schlapp said that Brownback coming back to Kansas is “good news.” She said that Brownback is business-friendly, saying that she agreed with him that “you can’t tax yourself into prosperity.” She told the audience that “Sam listens” and follows through, getting things done.

She noted that Brownback is fulfilling his pledge to serve no more than two terms as United States Senator.

In his remarks, Brownback said that Kansas is home. For the last 15 years, he said he’s commuted to Washington as he represented Kansas in both the United States House and the Senate, but “Kansas has always been home, and it’s still home.”

Brownback said that in his time in public service, the most effective campaign and governing document he’s seen was the “Contract With America.” This was a set of proposals that were laid out in a campaign, and then used to govern, he said. Brownback said the he will soon present a “Roadmap for Kansas.” This, he said, will be a series of detailed policy proposals which will be used in the campaign and then used to govern from.

The thee challenges that he wants to focus on are growing the economy, improving education, and protecting families.

On the economy, Brownback said that the state has lost tens of thousands of public sector jobs, personal income has dropped, but government bureaucracy and taxes went up. “Government is too big, and taxes are too high,” he added. While some have said that government needs to do more with less, Brownback said that government needs to focus on core functions and do those better at less cost. Controlling state spending, pro-growth tax policies, and sensible regulation will be goals of his administration. Success will be measured by private sector jobs and personal income.

Brownback said that education is a core function of government. The school finance formula, he said is “confusing, illogical, unfair, not flexible, doesn’t support innovation, fails to prioritize classroom learning, and discourages excellence.” The formula should not force consolidation. He said that his administration would see that education dollars go to the classroom instead of administration or the courtroom, a reference to school funding lawsuits.

On family issues, Brownback said that “strong families make a strong state.” Tax, budget, and welfare policies would be evaluated on how they affect families, and they should do no harm to families.

In his remarks, Colyer said he is a fifth-generation Kansan. He grew up in Hays, and learned there that “we’re here to serve other people.”

As a White House fellow for President Reagan, he said he learned that the key to solving difficult problems is that when “individuals in America work and prosper, America works and prospers.”

His experience volunteering as a physician in Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan taught him that “ordinary people can do extraordinary things in the most horrific of times.” He added that in Kansas, our best days are ahead of us, but these days are not just around the corner. Even though Kansas just passed its biggest tax increase, the budget is under water and getting worse, he said. Problems have been “papered over,” and will explode in the near future.

He told the audience that the Kansas state pension plan (KPERS) ranked next-to-last in solvency, after California and New York.

The Kansas economy has not been growing as it should due to years of high taxes and unnecessary regulation, he said.

In questioning after the event, Brownback said he considered candidates from the Wichita area for his running mate. He said that he and Colyer have known each other for 20 years and work well together.

If elected, Colyer said he would be required to resign from the Kansas Senate. I asked since the lieutenant governor has so few prescribed duties, what would Colyer do with his time, should he be elected? He said that Brownback said he should be prepared to work “double time.” He said he would keep his medical practice. Brownback said he expected much from Colyer, and that he would be working full time on problems in the state.

I asked whether a Brownback administration would repeal the increase in the statewide sales tax due to take effect on July 1. Brownback said that he wants to look at fundamental tax policy and develop a pro-growth tax policy.

In response to my question as to what he would do to increase school choice, particularly charter schools in Kansas, Brownback said that the school funding formula be the centerpiece of education reform in Kansas. Within that, the state could review the charter school law.

Neither candidate would express a preference in the United States Senate Republican primary.


Many conservatives look forward to Brownback as Kansas governor, as they feel Kansas has not had a conservative governor for many years, even through there have been Republicans in the governor’s office. While delivering a conservative message at this event, Brownback’s record in the U.S. Senate, according to National Journal vote ratings for 2009, places him near the middle of Senate Republicans in terms of voting for conservative positions.

Generally, Colyer is described as conservative. He has, however, cast some votes that some conservatives might not agree with. In particular, he voted for the statewide smoking ban during the 2009 session. That bill carried over to this year and was passed in the House and signed into law by Governor Parkinson.

In the Kansas Economic Freedom Index, Colyer cast four votes that were not in favor of economic freedom, earning a score of 69% and ranking 13th in the Senate. The votes not in favor of economic freedom were voting for an expansion of the historic preservation tax credit program, voting for a primary seat belt law and texting ban, voting for regulation of sexually oriented businesses, and voting against an amendment that would have required the state to sell assets to raise revenue. The last measure was promoted by conservatives as a way the state could raise enough revenue to avoid having to raise taxes.

In the Republican primary, the Brownback/Colyer ticket will square off against a ticket headed by Joan Heffington, a Derby businesswoman who has many political views that might be considered out of the mainstream.

If Brownback and Colyer prevail in the primary, they will likely face Kansas Senator Tom Holland and his unnamed running mate. Holland has not yet filed but has been campaigning, and no other Democrats are expected to file by the June 10 deadline.

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4 responses to “Brownback, Colyer announce in Wichita”

  1. Benjamin

    So the republicrat “Brown-stain” finally comes out after all the rumors. he was more of the same in D.C. so why would any of you want the same damn thing in Kansas? Why does everyone keep voting for career politicians, bankers and stock market goons? Can we get a real REPUBLICAN or 3rd party candidate with some damn guts and a loud voice? Stop hiding wherever you are!

  2. Goverbnor who

    Brownback and Dr. Coyler are out of touch with reality. Dr. Colyer is prey for malpractice lawsuits as a Lt Governor practicing medicine. He does not have sovereign immunity as a practicing physician. Lt Governors only make less than $32,000.00 a year, so Dr. Colyer will keep practicing. Dr Colyer is not knowledgeable about health care. He is simply nothing but a doctor that could not make it in the real world and can now be sued implicating the governor. What was Brownback thing of, Pastor Mark Holick? It is embarrassing when others turn Brownback down for LT governor. So, Brownback had to pick from the bottom of the barrel. It would be embarrassing for the Lt Governor and Sam Brownback to be in court on a malpractice lawsuit. Attorneys are really smiling because there is big money to be made at taxpayer’s expense. Brownback has displayed stupidly throughout his career especially voting for the deaths of Kansans by voting to enter the Iraq war and wrecking our economy. This race is between the Rich vs. the poor. If the poor vote, Brownback loses. The rich have been making money off the poor for centuries. It is now time to chance the spin of the wheel. We do not need the rich to lead the poor. The poor and middle class can take care of themselves. We do not need Brownback to lie to Kansans anymore with false promises because he wants s to stay rich. His doctor friend is a wreck waiting to happen. The question, are we going to have a Rich Governor or a poor Governor who understands for the people of Kansas. Joan Heffington is for the poor and middle class by eliminating personal property tax on your home after the age of 65. We the people shall make that choice come August 3, 2010.
    Governor who?

  3. Toldyaso

    Everyone is writting off Heffington, but if enough realize that Opus Dei and KC/KC ticket will doom Wichita,don’t be surprised if a significant protest vote arises.

  4. Governor who?

    I am positive veterans are not going to forget Brownback voted for the Iraq war on false intelligence. I am positive veteran families are not going to vote for Brownback for the death of their sons and daughters due to the Iraq war, Brownback voted for and supported. I am positive veterans believe thousand of people were killed in Iraq without just cause. How dare Brownback show his face to the people of Kansas. People you can vote for Brownback as he cares for you as much as he cares for Kansas veterans. He will sacrifice you for his own personal addenda. Brownback cares for you as much as Hitler cared for his own people. Vote Brownback out of office once and for all come August 3rd. Send a clear message. Vote for Joan Heffington for republican Governor.

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