Governor Brownback, please veto this harmful bill


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback should veto a bill that is harmful to property rights, writes John Todd. For more about this issue, see Power of Kansas cities to take property may be expanded.

Senate Bill 338 has been passed by the Legislature and is now on its way for Governor Sam Brownback to consider. The Governor should veto this bill. This bill gives cities, in conjunction with their preferred nonprofit organizations, the ability to take possession of unoccupied residential houses that the property taxes are currently paid in full. This bill will clearly place vulnerable senior citizens and less affluent property owners in the position of being victimized.

Cities in Kansas have all the powers they need to deal with property issues through current law. Over the past few years, the City of Wichita has bulldozed hundreds of houses for housing code violations. Enhancing the power of cities and their appointed nonprofit redevelopment organizations to take privately owned properties they do not own without compensation is wrong.

I urge Governor Brownback to veto this bill!

John Todd


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  1. John Whitmer

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  2. ictator

    More power to the government, albeit the cities, and less to the people. Peoples’ right to property was seriously weakened by the hideous Kelo US Supreme Court ruling. This bill weakens the all too weak protections that the KS legislature put in place after Kelo. More power to the state and less to the people.

    Governor Brownback: please veto this bill.

  3. Fat Man

    Revolution time.

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