Holland / Kultala ticket pairs two Kansas Senate liberals


Today Kansas senator and gubernatorial candidate Tom Holland chose fellow senator Kelly Kultala of Kansas City as his lieutenant governor running mate.

Earlier today Holland characterized the two candidates as “pragmatic and moderate.” Evidence from the candidate’s voting records is different, however. In the Kansas Economic Freedom Index for this year, Holland earned a score of zero, the only senator to do so. Kultala earned a score of seven percent, earning her a tie for 36th place among the 40 senators. She voted in favor of economic freedom only once.

In a score card just released by the Kansas Chapter of Americans for Prosperity — an organization that promotes limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels — Holland again earned a score of zero percent. Kultala matched that “perfect” score.


3 responses to “Holland / Kultala ticket pairs two Kansas Senate liberals”

  1. Ruben

    If you recall it was liberal democrat challenger Kelly Kultala that defeated moderate democrat Senator Mark Gilstrap in their last primary for not being liberal enough. Senators Holland and Kultala will be defeated and will be called up to DC for high paying jobs by their friend K. Sebelius. Moderate Democrat Sen. Steineger is another on the target list of the liberal democrat faction of Sen. Hensley. The liberal democrats in the Ks. Senate do not tolerate differences of opinion in their party.

  2. sue c.

    Liberal progressive joins Liberal progressive to push their liberal progressive agenda: tax and spend!

    Also don’t forget their goal of stomping on the constitution and state’s rights too. Sebilius clones, both of them.

    Just vote Sam Brownback 2010!

  3. frustrated kansan

    We have a Democratic gubernatorial ticket of far Left and further Left. It is arguable which is which. Sen. Kultala defeated a moderate Democrat who had the nerve not to toe the ultra liberal Sebelius/Hensley line. Sen. Holland has drifted further left the longer he has been in Topeka.

    It is interesting how Holland/Kultala will now claim the “moderate” label despite the fact that they fit so well into the Chicago machine/socialist statist Obama administration in Washington. Naturally, the liberal Kansas press covers for them in Topeka and did so for Sebelius.

    There are no Kansas liberals, there are only former Kansans who pop out of their “moderate” political camouflage when they arrive in Washington.

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