Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week


Access to the Kansas Senate by alternative media is discussed on the KPTS Television public affairs program Kansas Week. Bob Weeks is the guest. Tim Brown is the host.

Other information on this topic is available at Kansas alternative media senate access discussed on WIBW, Kansas alternative media shut out of legislative access, and Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week. The latter story contains video of a previous appearance on the KPTS television public affairs program Kansas Week regarding this issue.

The application form for Kansas Senate press credentials for 2010 is available at 2010 Kansas Senate Press Credentialing Application.


6 responses to “Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week”

  1. sue

    Considering the Supreme Courts decision this last week that was a vote for free speech for all media, the Senate’s decision to deny “new media” press credentials is ridiculous.

    Justice Kennedy addressed new media in his majority opinion statement, expressly stating that this avenue of journalism must be protected and ensured free speech rights.

    If the Supreme Court can acknowledge the role of new media in DC, our Senate should too. The Kansas Senate needs to join the 21st Century.

    Great interview, Bob.

  2. CarlosMayans

    The Supreme Court decision stated “that when we must ask government for prior permission to speak the restriction acts as the equivalent of prior retrain”. In this case the Kansas Senate should show that the restriction “furthers a compelling interest and is narrowly tailored to achieve that interest”. Not enough room in the Senate Chamber is not a compelling interest.

    The decision added “Citizens must be free to use new forms, and new forums, for the the expression of ideas and that the civic discourse belong to the people, and the government may not prescribe the means used to conduct it”.

  3. wichitator

    The Kansas senate must think they are Washington DC to show such out-of-touch arrogance. Either that, or they think that they belong to the real government power in Kansas: the seven member state supreme court.

  4. Betty Sue Petty

    You are my source for Kansas news that I trust;( Reading the Wichita Eagle makes me angry because of the blatant liberal bias.) The Senate rejection of your right to have press credentials deprives me and other Kansans from getting the truth about what is happening is our government.
    Can you appeal the decision??

  5. James

    Excellent interview Bob. So thankful you’re taking this head on. I’ve already sent my opinion off to Sen. Morris.

  6. Don B

    I quit subscribing to the Hutch News even before I retired in 2000. Since we spend most of the year traveling, yours is the only news that I get and trust from KS now. Thanks for doing what you do.

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