Kansas budget drama unnecessary


Kansas news reports and blogs are still trying to decide who won last week’s showdown between Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Republican legislative leaders. GOP message lost in drama provides an example.

But as reported on this blog (Sebelius’ Proposed Cuts Not Likely Enough, Kansas Governor Not Facing Reality of Budget Crisis) and in other places, this crisis was solely of the Governor’s own making.

Her budget proposal for fiscal year 2009 from January met the legal requirement she faced, but came nowhere near facing the economic reality. Had she proposed a reasonable budget in January, this crisis — such as it was — could have been avoided.

Instead, Governor Sebelius left it to the legislature to come up with a bill that met economic reality. Is that leadership? Can we be proud of this?


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  1. We should tar and feather our fine governor for allowing Kansas to appear so pathetic we can’t pay our bills, or our obligations to taxpayers. I am personally outraged that the name of our great state appeared alongside, the most liberal state in the union (Calf.), on all the major news broadcasts. California is a shining example of the ultimate failure of liberal socialist programs.

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