Kansas death penalty


Jennifer Baysinger

What are the issues surrounding the death penalty in Kansas? What position should conservatives take?

When I was guest host on the Joseph Ashby Show, Jennifer Baysinger, who works with Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty, called in. Listen to our discussion below.

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6 responses to “Kansas death penalty”

  1. Toldyaso

    We need a TEXAS type death penalty. No dream team that sucks our money for millions in defense. The second year lawyer out of school has the same license as the dream team lawyer. Limit appeals to two, and inject. Study the TEXAS model and you will see the real conservative attitude. I think we are being infiltrated by liberals in the Republican party.

  2. Jennifer

    It’s interesting to me that of the 10 cases in which it’s widely accepted that an innocent person was executed (since the 1970’s), six were in Texas. Of the 142 folks truly exonerated from death row for murders they didn’t commit, Texas has the 3rd most when compared to other states. There’s not a liberal bone in my body, but Kansas has a problem on its hands…a costly one. And speeding up the process won’t help. Just study the TEXAS model…then read about Cameron Todd Willingham and ask yourself how much you trust government.

  3. Ida

    The Ks Death Penalty was reinstated in Ks in 1994 with the vote of many moderate Republicans and Democrats which amended the legislation adding a long and expensive appeals process so that later they could claim that the process is too expensive and unworkable. The Death Penalty causes killers to confess and plead bargain for a life sentence. BTK said that if he was turned lose, he will kill again. The Carr brothers confessed and worried about whether the death penalty would hurt after their brutal rapes and murders. Do you want these folks back into the community??

  4. Jennifer

    It’s very, very important for people to understand that the death penalty would be replaced with the sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole. No one wants these folks back on the streets. Just remember – we’re not executing anyone here in Kansas, and no one is even close. Prisons are keeping Kansans safe from these folks and have been. Remember…BTK is not on death row. He wasn’t eligible for the death penalty, so this doesn’t apply to his case. Also remember – any legislation will NOT be retroactive. Those on death row will continue that process. It would only affect new cases.

  5. Wichita Mama

    Is it cheaper to keep one in prison for life or execute. Until the Carr Brothers, I was against the death penalty. If anyone ever earned it,it was the brothers

  6. In my opinion, the death penalty is at odds with a total Christian-Principle based proLife position. Once a person is disarmed and behind bars, the only reason for the death penalty is revenge. Ironically, life in prison is a far more harsh punishment than a painless death. My strongest reason, however for being a long time opponent of capital punishment is the propensity for the legal system to make mistakes. The United States has the best legal system in the world, however no one in their right mind would argue that we get it right 100% of the time. In reality, the rate of error-free rulings is in the 80% to 90% range, considering that many court decisions are partly right and partly wrong. In any case, the killing of even ONE innocent person is such an egregious wrong that society must never take that chance, when life in prison is an option.

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