Kansas exempts itself from onerous regulation


Yesterday the Kansas Senate passed a sweeping state-wide smoking bill that prohibits smoking in nearly all indoor places in Kansas.

Except for casino gaming floors.

Why? The state hopes someday to generate a lot of revenue from gambling. Does the state realize that customers of some establishments may like to smoke while they’re there, and that banning smoking might be bad for business?

It’s outrageous that the state so desperately wants to earn as much as possible from gambling that it will tolerate smoking in casinos. It gives an unfair advantage to these casinos as compared to other places of business.


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  1. […] It should be noted that in Kansas, the casinos are owned by the state itself, and the state hopes to collect a lot of tax revenue from these operations. That may be why earlier this year when the Kansas senate passed a sweeping state-wide smoking ban, it proposed to allow smoking in state-owned casinos. […]

  2. […] The state is willing to look the other way on smoking too, when it comes to the potential of earning more revenue from its casinos. Earlier this year the Kansas senate considered a state-wide smoking ban that allowed smoking in its casinos. […]

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