Kansas governor to face smoking ban protesters in Salina


A group of citizens who don’t agree with Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson’s decision to sign the statewide smoking ban bill is planning a protest in Salina.

The governor will sign the smoking ban bill on Monday at 3:30 pm at the Salina Public Library. It’s a ceremonial signing, as the actual bill was signed earlier today.


5 responses to “Kansas governor to face smoking ban protesters in Salina”

  1. Sam Sneed

    I am not a fan of the bill because of the exemptions found in it from State Casinos. I am in favor of a smoking ban that allows business to create a smoking room if they so desire. But to ban it the way they have and then exempt themselves from the ban is total hyposcisy and I have yet to hear an attempt to rationalize this action.

  2. Dismal Scientist

    The fact of the matter is government has no right to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body or property. This is all about property rights and the right of business owners to control what goes on inside their businesses. The Health Nazi’s need to go away and never come back!

  3. Our politicians are so blatantly hypocritical, it’s amazing.

  4. Bob

    Exempting casinos certainly debunks the myth of bans not affecting business.

  5. concerned

    What a bunk of whiny-a$$ed CONS.

    Pack it up and move the hell to Somalia where is no government!

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