Kansas legislative resources, external


Besides the official Kansas Legislature resources, there are also these:

When tweeting about the legislature, most writers will use the hashtag #ksleg. To see these tweets, search for that. You don’t need a twitter account; just browse to twitter.com and use the search feature. To get the most results, click “Live” from the menu that appears.

OpenStates.org, a project of the Sunlight Foundation, makes legislative data available in a variety of formats.

Advocacy groups and lobbyists
Advocacy groups often create and publish much material about the legislature and Kansas government. Often these groups have an ideological stance that may color or influence their material. Some of these groups may report on the daily activity at the Capitol that affects their area of interest. Some leading examples:

Kansas Policy Institute
Kansas National Education Association
Kansas Association of School Boards
Americans for Prosperity

Some lobbyists and organizations publish material that may be helpful. Examples include League of Kansas Municipalities and
the law firm Foulston Siefkin with its weekly newsletter Kansas Legislative Insights (available on this page).

Many legislators maintain an active presence online. It may be through an active website, email newsletters, Facebook pages, or Twitter feeds. Probably the best way to find these outlets for legislators is to use Google or your favorite search engine. Examples include Amanda Grosserode (sample newsletter here) and Stephanie Clayton (Facebook page here, Twitter feed here).


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