Kansas state and local tax revenue


Tax group definitions.
Tax group definitions.
In order to simplify this chart, I created four groups of taxes. As there are many taxes that are small in amount, I group them together as “Other.” For the group “Sales” I include the general sales and use tax, plus the cigarette and tobacco tax, plus liquor and beer tax, as these are of the same nature as the general sales tax.

Note this is both taxes collected by the state, and also by local governments.

Source of data is Kansas Tax Facts, various years. Values are nominal; not adjusted for inflation. To access the interactive visualization that is the basis of the example shown below, click here.

Kansas State and Local Tax Revenue. Click for larger.
Kansas State and Local Tax Revenue. Click for larger.


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  1. sheila

    Reno County sales tax is now up to .091%. People are shopping in Wichita for big ticket items.

    State added another $5 per carton for cigarettes. This makes Kansas cartons more than $10 per carton higher than Missouri. Everyone who can run jump or swim, buys tobacco in Missouri.

    It is comical that we thought we voted in fiscal conservatives last time.

    There are no fiscal conservatives on any level of Kansas government. Not our cities, our counties, or our state.

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