Kansas voter registration deadline near


In Kansas, the deadline to register to vote or to change party affiliation is Monday July 19th. Voters need to register if they have moved or changed names.

According to the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, “Kansas elections are conducted by the counties with oversight by the Secretary of State’s office. Voter registration application (español) forms must be submitted to the county election officer where the applicant lives. You may also register to vote or change your registration information online with a valid Kansas driver’s license.” The link for online registration is here.

In Kansas, the Republican Party primary is closed, meaning that voters must be registered as Republican in order to vote for Republican candidates. The Democratic Party primary, however, is open to voters registered as Democrats or unaffiliated.

Besides selecting candidates for federal offices, 125 Kansas House of Representatives positions, one Kansas Senate position, county commission, and a number of statewide Kansas races such as governor, secretary of state, treasurer, insurance commissioner, and attorney general, voters in the Republican and Democratic parties vote for precinct committeemen and committewomen in this election. Carrying on a quaint tradition, each precinct has both a committeemen and committewomen. That is, if there are candidates, as it is not uncommon for these party positions to go unfilled.

State of the State KS is working with other organizations to help register voters. For more information on these events, see State of the State KS Partners With Groups Across Kansas For Voter Registration Drive in Hays, Topeka and Wichita.


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  1. Ann H.

    Does anyone know where I can find a sample ballot, if any are available yet? I don’t even know who is running in every race (county commissioner for example) or all the offices that will be on my particular ballot. I need to know who all is running so I can research them before the 3rd. Thanks!

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