‘Kansas Votes’ provides information on legislature, bills

The website Kansas Votes provides information about pending legislation in Kansas as it works its way through the law-making process. This process, which can appear complicated to the average citizen, is explained in plain language on this website.

Here are some features of Kansas Votes:

  • Concise, plain-language, objective and accurate descriptions of every bill, amendment, roll call vote and voice vote.
  • Ability to track all the votes of a particular legislator, or search by bill number, category or keyword.
  • Ability to view all the bills and amendments introduced by a particular legislator.
  • Ability to post a public comment, view others’ comments, and participate in citizen surveys on each bill.
  • Automatically e-mail legislators or others about a bill.
  • Ability to follow action in any one or more of 50 different categories of legislation (such as Education or Land Use or Taxes).
  • Ability to sign up for e-mail notifications of action on any bill or subject area of interest, including new bill introductions.

Now citizens have a valuable tool to help them follow the action in the statehouse. This is especially important as traditional media such as newspapers devote less coverage to news like this.

And did I mention it’s free?

To use Kansas Votes, click on Kansas Votes.


  • Couldn’t agree more. ‘Kansas Votes’ is an excellent site and it has allowed me to interact intelligently with numerous legislators across the state. The creators of the web site are doing a great work and I appreciate their diligence.

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