National coverage of Kansas primary election

Coverage of the August 2012 Kansas primary elections in national publications.

Wall Street Journal: Kansas Voter Uprising: GOP incumbents who resisted reform get early retirement, Kansas’s Conservative Rebellion, Conservative Republicans Make Gains in Kansas

National Review: Kansas’s Tea Party Triumphs

Associated Press: Conservatives win big in Kansas Senate primaries

National Public Radio: Conservatives Win In Kansas GOP Senate Primary

Huffington Post: Steve Morris, Kansas Senate President, Blames Moderates’ Defeat On Conservative Attack Ads

Slate: The Great Kansas Republican Purge of 2012, Defeated Kansas Senator: “Koch Industries is Just a Terrible, Terrible Citizen.” This article is notable for exposing the delusional thinking and reasoning of defeated Kansas Senator Tim Owens. Owens ranked at the bottom of all senators — Democrats included — in the Kansas Economic Freedom Index.

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  • Love the national media’s “blame Koch” meme. This is the Kansas version of the “blame Bush” narrative!

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