Some Kansas high tax zones are over 10%

When the Kansas statewide sales tax is increased effective July 1, there will be a few districts in Kansas where the combined sales tax rate — state, city, county, and any special districts — will be over ten percent. My research shows there will be 55 districts where the combined sales tax will be nine percent or greater. Some high-tax districts are entire cities such as Pomona and Sedan at 9.8 percent, but many are special districts where sales tax is diverted from general government to special purposes. Perhaps we should require warning signs to be posted to alert visitors that they’re about to enter a high-tax area. But that would go against the purpose of many of these districts, which is to extract revenue from those outside the immediate area. Taxing visitors to your city is often an appealing idea to local government officials. Kansas Reporter has more on this issue.

TOPEKA, Kan. – Sales taxes in what’s arguably the sweetest retail spot in Kansas — a small patch of Kansas City, Kan. real estate that’s home to outlets of both furniture retailer Nebraska Furniture Mart and sporting goods giant Cabela’s — jump to 9.025 percent from the current 7.65 percent in July.

Those increases, which add maybe $7 or $8 to the price of a new laptop or flat screen TV at the furniture outlet or $10 to a new shotgun, are among a complete list of new sales tax rates posted online by the Kansas Department of Revenue for some 790 county, city and special taxing jurisdictions across the state. The list reflects changes that a scheduled July 1 increase in statwide sales tax rates will make on city, county or other local sales taxes those governments also charge.

The new tax rates customers will pay at the two stores, which are believed to be the largest single retail outlets in Kansas, aren’t the highest in the state. Shoppers in a newly emerging Hays, Kan., hotel and retail development just north of that community’s main business district will pay a 10.55 cent tax on each dollar they spend beginning July 1.

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  • I paid 12.3% in 2000 at a mall in Arlington Texas. My relatives that lived there however, paid less property on their 200,000 home than I did on my $95,000 home in SGCO.

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