Steve Moore of The Wall Street Journal to Speak in Wichita


A message from Alan Cobb of Americans for Prosperity:

I’m pleased to announce that Steve Moore, of The Wall Street Journal will be joining Jonah Goldberg, syndicated columnist of National Review Online and best selling author of Liberal Fascism, and Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal on January 10th in Wichita at the Defending the American Dream Summit.

Steve Moore is on the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal, is a frequent guest on Fox News, and recently co-authored the book, The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom Our Economy- If We Let It Happen with economist Arthur Laffer. He’ll be joining Americans for Prosperity to speak about the current financial crisis and explain what we can do to secure freedom and economic prosperity in the future.

Steve Moore is a great writer and speaker. One of his best columns was the subject of my post The Decline of Local Chambers of Commerce.

This summit should be a great event. Learn more about it and sign up in the post Jonah Goldberg to Speak at Kansas Summit.


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  1. Rothbard

    I have a problem with Steve Moore. He supports bailing out the banksters and propping up the corrupt monetary system.

    See also my comments on him at

  2. Bob Weeks

    You’re right, Rothbard. He’s not perfect, and I very much appreciate you bringing this to the attention of me and the readers of this blog.

  3. Jim Murray

    Mr. Peterson the CEO of the Blackstone group said he has heard a lot of people tell him why they think the American people started to spend well over what they were making the years after 9-11. Mr. Peterson said the American public is spending 7% more than they make and he see us in 10 to 15 years being a third world country if this continues.

    Please let me give you my thoughts on this.
    After 9-11 the President of the United States got on TV with a message to the American people telling them they can help by do two things to help us though this crisis.
    1. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activities and keep authorized notified.
    2. We need the American people to go out and spend money because these terrorist hit us in our wallet and we need to keep the economy strong by going out and spending and in doing so you will be helping the American people and our economy.

    Ok there is problem with the second request the President made. At that time the average American already had 10,000 dollars in credit card dept and a second home loan.
    If there is anything we do better than anyone in the world it’s spend money.

    This is why I came up with an idea for a show. I knew we couldn’t spend anymore money because basically the American people didn’t have it to spend.
    Note: Ok I misjudged how long this would take because I didn’t realize interest rates were going to drop and that we would have mortgages going to anyone who could breath ( Supply & demand prices of homes went up so the American people could have larger second mortgages to spend us deeper into dept )

    I have always heard there are a couple ways to get the economy stimulated. One have the people spend money, hey we tried that. The other is to get small business started. Here is a plan that is drawing some interest.

    The reason behind the idea for the show is for every 10 business that start today 7 will go under within 4 years. So this show would show people how to start a business and at the same time the American public would be building a company for the ground up.


    Television is flooded with shows that can help you build a house, a gourmet meal or even a perfect relationship but How about building a business?
    Much like building a house I propose to start from the ground up. We would recruit student from the best colleges and universities, finance, marketing, economics and engineering.
    Their goal will be to present ideas to form the building blocks of the company from their respective expertise. Each idea “block” is then scrutinized for soundness as pertaining to the building of the company by a panel of proven experts.
    The panel of experts, drawn from today’s top companies, will add insight into each idea “block” as to which idea is most prudent to successful construction of the business.
    The ideas presented during each episode are voted upon the home viewing audience) and adopted into the business model
    With each episode another part of the company is constructed! With each block being put into place an American company is built!
    To contact Jim Murray Cell 267 294-9899. E mail

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