Tax law imported to Kansas from California


As states struggle to generate revenue to fund expansive spending programs, they look to impose more and higher taxes. Now a Kansas senator is importing California tax law in an effort to solve the Kansas budget problem by raising revenue instead of controlling spending.

The legislation being imported is California SB 1210, which imposes a tax on sweetened beverages like soda pop. In Kansas, SB 567 contains large sections of statutory language taken word-for-word from the California bill.

There’s not a spoonful of sugar large enough to sweeten the bitter fact that Kansas is becoming more like California with its out of control spending and taxation.

No senator’s name appears on the Kansas bill, but sources tell me it is the handiwork of John Vratil, a Leawood Republican who is Vice-President of the Senate.


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  1. […] as no money from the proposed tax is earmarked for obesity programs. (A California bill that is the model for this legislation places all the tax revenue collected in a fund for improving the health of […]

  2. […] Vratil has been in favor of a variety of tax increases, including raising the sales tax and starting a tax on soda pop. […]

  3. […] with the governor that increasing taxes is the way to balance the Kansas budget. In particular, Vratil imported a California law that taxes the sugar content of soda pop. The California law had the benefit that the tax revenue would go towards promoting childhood […]

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