The fight for Kansas jobs


The following is by Interim President and CEO of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce Kent Beisner.

The Kansas Chamber is the leading business advocacy organization, representing small and large businesses alike employing more than 100,000 Kansans across our state. Our board of directors passed a data-driven, unified agenda in support of streamlining government and reducing the cost of doing business in Kansas.

When seeking to bring additional businesses to Kansas, no one champions higher taxes as an additional benefit. The Chamber will always defend Kansas entrepreneurs and taxpayers against policies which inhibit their ability to increase capital investment, grow private-sector jobs and reduce the burden on government services. Responsible government and a friendly business climate can and should co-exist.

We at the Chamber welcome the recent criticism by those who believe Washington-style tax-and-spend policies are acceptable here in the heartland. These individuals have supported the growth of our state budget by more than $200 million and the passage of the largest sales tax increase in our state’s history in the midst of a record-breaking recession.

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  1. Sheila

    WHERE were you when the State decided to force EVERY small neighborhood bar and pool hall to throw out adult smoking customers??? The local bans are already costing jobs and lost revenue. When it starts statewide hundreds of small businesses will close. Where were YOU???? You support free enterprise and entreupeneurial spirit? BALDERDASH!

  2. bman

    Out back having a smoke

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