The U.S. Taxpayer — AKA second, third or even fourth class citizen


Here’s a note I received from someone who isn’t appreciative of the tax collector. This reminds me of the Internal Revenue Service’s effort to improve “customer service.” That’s funny. It reminds me of David Henderson, who wrote “calling taxpayers customers of the IRS is like calling chickens customers of the egg farmer.”

I received a nice letter on New Year’s Eve from the Kansas Department of Revenue telling me that I owed so many dollars of tax penalties and interest. I had filed an extension in April. Now I did expect a bill from them but what wrenched my stomach was the bold sentence toward the bottom of the letter that read:

“PLEASE NOTE: Failure to respond timely could result in legal action such as the filing of a tax warrant, garnishment of wages and bank accounts, or seizure of real and personal property.”


We have millions living in the US without any documentation — but that’s okay they deserve amnesty.

We are giving billions to banks who are not “trickling down” their ability to give credit.

We are giving billions to auto makers who should be in bankruptcy for being idiots.

We give billions to countries who don’t like us.

We give billions to lazy and/or drug addicted people who did not pay attention in high school in the form of welfare …

But you threaten to take my house, my wages and throw me in jail over less than a thousand dollars!

Wake up Americans! Your desire to care for the world has made the US Taxpayers slaves to the system. They say the average taxpayer works until sometime in April just to pay our taxes. Imagine if that work had to be done in some sort of concentration camp — or dare I say plantation?

Then maybe the system would change. Apathy amongst the taxpayers is what is making us all slaves. As individuals we can’t do anything, but perhaps the taxpayers should be the ones protesting down the streets for once.


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  1. Jack

    You know, that’s an interesting post. I am a conservative, but I get so tired of the tax whiners. Roads, national defense and other essential government services all need to be paid for. No government has ever exisited that didn’t rely on some form of tax revenue. It has to be done, the only question is the means by which it is collected, and the purposes it is used for. Concentration camp? Please, grow up. You’re embarassing yourself.

  2. T.J. Schwab

    Jack (Anonymous), being the conservative you claim to be, it is interesting you to ignore the argument at hand and invent your own claim instead to keep “essential government services”. There is nothing in the post above that says we need to cut “essential government services”. How about rereading the specific five points made above, (e.g. Billions to bank and automakers – which last time I looked are NOT government services). Frankly, you are embarrassing yourself with your own response.

  3. Don O

    I agree. Jack, you are a Jerk if you beleive that roads and schools are paid by income tax. Roads are paid by exise taxes on fuel etc. Income tax pays for one thing; interest on the national debt. Yup! Your salary from Jan 1 to April 15 goes strait to the same banks that you senators just gave a 700 billion dollar bonus to. Keep dreaming.

  4. Author

    Thanks T.J. and Don. I remember telling my dad as a kid to pretend that HIS dollars went for national defense and the programs he thought our founding father’s wanted the federal government to do. I try to do the same thing too but when trillions are going nowhere AND I get threatening letters from the tax collectors then I get upset.

    Professionally, I am far more familiar with the inner workings of banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms than 97% of the population. Having said that, I also KNOW that if the government had done nothing the free market system would have solved the problem in about two weeks. Yes, some companies would have gone under but only the stockholders would have been the losers. Mortgages and companies all have a market price and there is almost always a buyer at some price. But when the Federal Government stepped in – everything else stopped – and all turned toward the Treasury for a handout.

    I am not alone with my anger about this but I wish congress would remember that every dollar they spend comes out of our local economies, and our hard working American taxpayers, real people doing real work to create real wealth they like to “redistribute”.

    I’ll pay my taxes and have paid a million without complaint but I would ask the government to start treating us all with a little respect.

    So Jack, just how much in taxes did you pay last year? If you don’t like complainers, does that mean you aren’t paying any or are you on the receiving end?

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