Wichita Eagle editorial page: arm of Democratic Party?


Today’s letters section of the Wichita Eagle carries a letter from the executive director of the Sedgwick County Democratic Party promoting an event that will poke fun at Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

A letter to the editor of any newspaper that discusses public policy, including Kobach’s agenda, is relevant. But this letter is a promotion — an advertisement — for a partisan political party event. It’s not billed as a fundraiser, but it has all the characteristics of one, including tickets selling for as much as $100.

Printing letters like this harms the image of Eagle, if it wishes to retain credibility as a neutral arbitrator of public opinion and policy.


12 responses to “Wichita Eagle editorial page: arm of Democratic Party?”

  1. Camerade C

    Perhaps if we all ancelled our subscriptions the Eagle might finally get it. DUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

  2. Anonymous

    A look at this so called party by the Democrats shows the true colors of DEMS today. The invite is clearly filled with hate and racism. This is the second e-mail I’ve received this week that was offensive. An earlier one by Moveon.org (Obama’s chief money raiser) used slang with the f word in an e-mail! This is the Democratic Party? Childish, immature, name calling, profanity filled, poking fun at people?
    Where are the leaders? Where is the Wichita Eagle who should be calling this event out for what it is, not free advertising a name calling childish hate filled racist event?
    This event should be cancelled and demand be cancelled by respected Democrats. This isn’t a political event. This is a trash event. Sad.

  3. Concerned Citizens for the Truth

    Rubbish. The Eagle regularly publishes letters from writers of various political affiliations, including yours, Bob.

    Having fun and fundraising on the birthday of ones opponents is a way to mock them and to use a reviled presence as a means of motivating a constituency. Mocking and reviling are hardly limited to one political party or movement.

    I find the comment by “Anon” interesting. When you find something you disagree with you want that speech silenced? Isn’t that what you routinely accuse the Left of doing? How does that work out with our Constitution?

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t want speech silenced. Making fun of people is not free speech. It’s the tactic used by ignorants who are unable to form a cohesive sentence to state their opinion. Making fun of an opponent is a disservice to those you represent because they are not presented with facts. The only people who do it are those who have no basis for their argument. It is a tactic used by radicals to incite fear and distrot the truth.

  5. Ictator

    CCT seems out of touch. Bob’s point was the inappropriate nature of publishing this event in the eagle. It is sad, but not surprising to see the eagle publish this promotion.

    If the conservatives wanted to put this into the paper, they’d have to buy an ad….and then it might be rejected if it is too politically incorrect for the eagle’s “editorial standards.”

  6. Anonymous

    Bob, You are the only credible news source in Wichita anyway. Thank you for all you do.

  7. sue c.

    Well, we have all been saying for years that the Eagle is a liberal rag. Seems they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

  8. Sigh

    You people are nuts. Sue C., “liberal rag?” Did you see who they endorsed in the campaigns last year. Jeez, until they publish a prayer to Lord Koch daily, you folks will always call it “liberal.”

  9. John

    So the Kansas and Sedgwick County Democrat party claims Sec. Kobach’s trying to suppress voter turnout and yet all of the Senate Dem leadership members vote in favor of Sec. Kobach’s Voter ID bill??? Where is the eagle/media on this story??? This should prove that the Democrats know this bill is not about suppressing voter turnout but yet they need to raise money somehow and the best way they can think of it go negative and attack Sec. Kobach by using terms like “Sec of hate.”

  10. Anonymous

    So basically while whining about the event you end up promoting it yourself????

  11. Tom Paine

    Actually Anonymous Making fun of people as you so state is precisely free speech, it is the basis of satire, cornerstone of almost every stand up comedian, editorial cartoonist, to state that you would silence those that disagree with you makes you a fascist, while the freedoms of America allow one to hold such positions, fascism itself is unpatriotic and unamerican as are those who profess such views

  12. Anonymous Mike


    IN MY OPINION, the Eagle is a liberal rag, but a lady I worked with about 5 years ago canceled her subscription to the Eagle because they were fascist Republican scum. As a dignified non-fascist Republican Tea Party Member of the vast right wing conspiracy, I found that hilarious.

    I think she found my position hilarious too.



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