In Wichita, Declaration of Independence to be read


Here’s a message sent to me by Mike Shaw. This seems like it will be an interesting event. For more information, contact Mike Shaw at

Too many times we have heard the upcoming National Holiday referred to as “firecracker day.” I wonder, have we really been dumbed down to the point we no longer know why we celebrate on that day?

As such, a team of good voices will be reading the Declaration of Independence aloud this upcoming 4th of July. We will be at the south steps of the old Sedgwick County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m., across the street east of the new courthouse. The building is located in the north east corner of the intersection of Main and Central. It is a Saturday, so we hope we will have a good turnout, and the county asks that we stay off the grass. Beware, it is a scary document when you realize these men were risking their lives, fortunes, and reputations in signing this document and declaring our country free of England. A copy of the original document will be on display. I’m hoping we can make this a yearly event.

Click to get a Google map to the event site.


3 responses to “In Wichita, Declaration of Independence to be read”

  1. Clark

    Wouldn’t it be nice if USD 259 could email all students and encourage attendance. What an apolitical opportunity and wonderful learning experience!!

  2. Benjamin

    Reading the Declaration of Independence? Someone call Homeland Secuirity! LOL ! I will be there!

  3. Brad

    I’ll be in Provo, Utah producing the largest stadium fireworks show in the country the night of July 4th….it is the largest because the community has a week long event called the Freedom Festival capped by a huge stadium celebration on the 4th…….an entire week not only celebrating our freedoms, but also very focused on promoting and teaching the precious rights we enjoy as Americans……we should all get together and get something similar going here…..I have the recipe!!!

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